Can justin drew bieber help me become a famous singer?

Well my idol is justin bieber and I really want to be a singer it has been my dream for ever! and you know I dont come from a family with alot of money I mean we get by but we have alomst lost the house a few times and I would love to persue my dream.
Asked Jul 24, 2010
my life is also like u?????
sidhant Dec 17, 2010
yeah same here. I dont have a lot of money either from where im from n being ah singer would help my mom out a lot. n I love to sing everyday even when im sick. now thats crazy lol.
Yeah my dream is also to become a singer cause it's my biggest dream and like you said I don't come from a family with a lot of money like my dad doesn't work that much so I would really want to have my biggest dream come true.
Oh my goodness this is so amazing it's almost scary- I have that problem! Like you, we don't have much extra money, but we get by. I wish I could answer your question but I don't have an answer! Sorry! <:)
My life is not exactly like you but need answer..i live in a small island namely is far from biggest country like America,France or ever England..i want to become a singer it is my biggest dream..but everyone tell me that it will be impossible as I live in an island that no one addition I have no father does have any mom work in the morning so that to get food at night.what should I do???I have not enough money to come to USA so as to participate to x factor...😢

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I'm sure he's sitting by the phone waiting for the next teeny-bopper with a fantasy to call. :-)

If you have real talent, the best way to become a "famous singer" is to get as much exposure as you can in hopes somebody in the business end of the entertainment industry will hear you and be struck by a vision of dollar bills floating in the air.

The chances of that happening are slim so I wouldn't quit my day job in the meantime..
Answered Jul 24, 2010
Edited Jul 24, 2010
this is gonna sound rude, but why would you want justin beiber as a mentor, I mean, look at how much people make fun of him, so, if he is your mentor, then it will reflect on you. I would try going to some minor town concerts, and maybe some battle of the bands things, then move up to bigger things like small city concerts and stuff, like, when they have a lot of different bands playing during the same night, then maybe you will be discovered.
Answered Jul 28, 2010
go on Americas Got worked out for me...and justin bieber is a very kewl mom met dont go saying stuff about that..and ur dream can come true..i have been recording my songs for atleast a month now..just call a recording studio and get the number out of a phone me if u have talent they will make ur dream come true :)
Answered Aug 02, 2010
can u help me become a singer so I can sing a song or somethin with u JB bro
cause I wanted to siing since I was 7 so tri me out bro
Answered Sep 12, 2010
Edited Sep 12, 2010
plz justin plz help me to become like u? pz fulfill my dream
Answered Dec 17, 2010
hey justin drew bieber this is my life I was born in hoduras on the 11/11/88 my mother was a single prent my dad took off leavein me and my mother when she was 6 mouths pregant my mothere move to belize and form den its be hard ev I would go to school with out eating but I didnt miss a class when I was in prime school I always use to stay after class and c if I would find some thing to eat im tell u all of this so u can understand me at the age of 7 I use to look up to mj I use to dance like him and sing sing made me happy but here in belize I never make it I need ur help im now 22 I sing and I rec my songs I jus need u to put one of my single out on the radio over there in america plz me oout I have ponish
Answered Dec 29, 2010
yes yu can become a singer im a singer I am famous
Answered Feb 20, 2011
Edited Feb 20, 2011
i wnt to become a singer to becouse I love to sing and I would love the chance
Answered Feb 22, 2011
I want to become a famous singer I am 10 years old and I want to become a famous singer like justin drew bieber like I can call him because I got his priavate phone number in my phone so I can call him any time
Answered Mar 30, 2011
Omg really!?pleaaassseee can you give it to me, im a massive fan& been to 2 world tour concerts, im absolutely in love with him & my dream is to not only be a singer but to talk to justin bieber plleeasssee...if I inbox you & you give it to me, please please please
can I meet you and selena
Answered Nov 04, 2011
can I meet you and get your phone number I AM 9years old and my birthday is JAN. 15
I always found that this helped me get somewhat noticed
Answered Jan 26, 2012
Heeyyy mr. Justin bieber my name is ali haidar from lebanon iam 14 years old when I saw u at the first time all people says to me that u are a girl and something like that but I don't care I watch all of ur videos and how scooter discovers u... My dream is to become like u the same and soon I will put some videos to me on youtube and I wish u will see them and hope my voice will makes u feel that iam a good singer and if anyone wants to see me my facebook is ali haidar btw I know how to play guitar if any one add me on facebook and in his title there is a justin bieber I will know that there is someone see me
Btw I don't call myself belieber I just love justin bieber that I just believe of myself and if I became a singer I want jb to help me with da songs and I like his style and everything and now I want to say a word to justin "i like you"
Answered Oct 28, 2012
i want to become a singer so bad I have a great voice but every time I try to become one no one hears my voice I try so hard to be something in life but it seems that cares you know I just have to keep trying, live me,and dream. I want to become one so bad i'm only thirteen but I am a thirteen year old who try's but no one gives me credit but one day i'll be on top. when I was little the first time I felt as I could become a singer was when I was sitting in front of the tv and I was watching the bet awards I loved it I started singing with them but then I got older starting to realize how difficult it would be but people have dreams and this is mine my own grea dream. TO BECOME A SINGER . I dont care about money I just want to make my big dream come true and if I did become famous I would just make my fans very very happy. I WISH THAT JUSTIN BEIBER WILL HELP ME BUT FAMOUS PEOPLE ARE NOT STUCK IN REALITY THEIR STUCK IN LA LA LAND BUT IF I BECAME FAMOUS ILL HELP ANYONE IN NEED MY IS DESSYRE LEE GALI I LIVE IN SOUTH CAROLINA IM THIRTEEN AND I HAVE A DREAM I DO.
Answered Nov 08, 2012
hey justin bieber can u help me to be bacomefamous plz I am 14
Answered Nov 17, 2012
am a simple people but I want to be a singer help me please
Answered Dec 26, 2012
Hi i'm a 15yrs old and I become to be a singer plz plz plz help me plz plz
Answered Mar 01, 2013
im twelve about to become thirteen and when I was in school people would call me fat and all I just want to be a singer like justin bieber because he really inspired me to follow my dreams and to NEVER SAY NEVER and there is one more thing I really want to prove to everyone I can do it with out giving up and singing to me is like my own world and singing is the one thing that makes me happy when im sad AND I REALLY LOOK UP to justin sometimes so that is my reason why I want to become a famous singer that is my DREAM
Answered Jul 08, 2013
Edited Jul 08, 2013
I'm 14 and I really want to be a famous singer I always wanted to be a farmhouse singer science I was 8 years old I dream about it every night and Justin bieber you really the most talented person and greatest singer I ever heard yeah I come from a family with not a lot of money and I was hoping if you could help,me be On my way! Confidence and good with my voice so. Can follow my dream
Answered Sep 14, 2013
Hi justin Drew Beber I am a 12 years old and I have been singing since I was in 2nd grade and noticed my vocals in 3rd grade. I never got to know my father he left when I was little,he did things that could've cost us our home and family. I also had a older brother who died I didnt get to know him this made me not beleave in love for a while so I wrote a song about that. But my mom was there so I stated having faith but my mom went through alot so were struggling saddly were having a hard time keeping the house. justin when I was little u inspired me to sing. Now im stuck on singing I sing everytime its the only time I feel safe. I need your help to help me be a singer because I dreamed of it since I was very little but I couldnt afford much. justin I been wanting to achieve this dream 1. because I love to sing its my dream 2. so that my family can have somthing to be proud of after such a bad past we had. justin to you im a fann to me im your student and your my leader. IM NOT GIVING UP NOT NOW NOT EVER please help become a singer justin.
Answered Jul 17, 2014
Edited Jul 17, 2014

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