How can health influence on a childs development

Asked Jul 19, 2010
so the child won't grow up on bad health
Answered Jul 19, 2010
Good health allows children to be active and participate in the many learning experiences that make a well developed child. Poor health has the opposite effect. The degree the child is affected obviously depends on what the health issues are.
Answered Jul 19, 2010
Balanced nutrition is important to child development because children need nutrients to thrive and grow.

When A1 milk is consumed, BCM-7 is produced. BCM-7 can cause intolerance symptoms and indigestion.

Whereas the structure of A2 is closer to the human milk beta-casein chain, it doesn’t produce BCM-7. This is why milk containing only A2 naturally supports digestive well-being. It is next best alternative to mother's milk.

A2 milk has shown to have medicinal benefits. It is particularly essential during childhood.

Amlaan A2 milk originates from cow's milk and is healthy for all age groups and contributes to a high protein diet providing you cow milk.

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Answered Oct 17, 2017

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