Do you love Justin Bieber?

I am obsessed with Justin Bieber and I know everything about him and I cry just because I would see him on tv and I cried to his song Favorite Girl?
and I am very young
Asked Jul 16, 2010
Edited Jul 17, 2010
ok? I HATE justin (poopy) and if he dies I will be partying!!!!!!!!!!!!
Answered Jul 16, 2010
why would you say that
Alexa Jul 16, 2010
hahaha your just jealous
um heck no I am not jealous
Alexa Feb 14, 2011
Justin Bieber, I'm a believer
Among the ladies, you create fever
Though just off the potty, you're still a hottie
Named my Golden Retriever, Justin Beiber
Answered Jul 16, 2010
yes I LOVE jb......
Answered Jul 16, 2010
I Only Like his songs but him?? no I don't like him
sombody says his a gay
but I beileive he is bisexual
no he's not gay or bi
he loves girls lordkyle24 I don't really like you
Alexa Jul 16, 2010
tehehe he bi
i don't really like you either Alexa
i despise him.
Answered Jul 19, 2010
o wow why?
i just dont like his music. it has nothing to do with jealously. im just tired of having to hear about him all the time. I dont like his music and he is everything I hate.
No. I hate him and other celebs like him who think they're so cool but they're really not so cool.
Answered Mar 22, 2013

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