How many moons in the sky

Asked Jul 10, 2010
There's a lot of space out there in the "sky." If you're asking how many moons there are in the universe, nobody knows. There are 167 known moons in our solar system and one circling the Earth.
Answered Jul 10, 2010
The answer ultimately must be infinate. Space is infinate and ever expanding. To put it in a number would mean exactness. there is no exactness in space or that which we can comprehend. Only the creator knows that answer and I believe that in this life it's not for us to know. We must be governed by the rules and conditions that God has laid apon us. Only then, if we are allowed into the hereafter can we be able to take the next step into the process of finding complete knowlege. Carlos Castanata, The Teachings of Don Quan Ceyote.
Answered Nov 30, 2010

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