Doe he like me?

There's this guy who works at a store I think is cute. He seems shy though at least thats what I think. When he sees me come into the store and hes working ouside he always goes inside and go behind the cashier register and most of the time he is my cashier. When he sees me and I didnt see him he always passes by me and looks at me or gives me a quick glance. And I always catch him glancing over at me and when I do he at times smiles or he keeps his eyes on me until I get nervous and turn away.

Recetly I went with my cousins to the store where he works at and I didnt thnik he was working when he I saw him he passes by me to get something and passes back by me and while was passing he glanced at me. Then he started rearanging the shelf that was close behind me and I didnt want to turn to see him cuz I was nervous and so right when I decided to turn to see him at the exact same time turned to look at me and we kept our eyes on each other for a couple of seconds until I got nervous and turned away.

I went in the store and he was talking to his friend, and his friend who dosent know me saw me and smiled at me and I guess the guy I like saw him look at me and turned around and he smiled at me and turned to his friend and said something to him I dont know what he said cuz I kinda was leaving to the cashier register and then the guy I like was called to work at the cash register where I was waiting to check out and he saw me and smiled...then when he was gonna charge me for the stuff wich was like $8.22 I had 8 dollars and I was gonna get the cents out and he told me not to worry about it that it was covered I told him it was ok and I was trying to find the cents and he kept telling me it was ok and when I couldnt find the cents I was like ok I couldnt find them and he told me it was ok that it was taken care of...then I told him ''your always doing that?''(cuz before me and my bought something and he didnt charge us the cents either) and he said yeah.

Those are just of couple of things he does. Are those signs that he likes he? Any advise on what to do?
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Jul 06, 2010
i hate it when ppl bug him he wants alone time with surtin ppl so plz stop calling him texting him pretending you r him ppl are going to believe u and ur going to b in big trouble ok I m his #1 fan but I dont stoke him or anything so plz stop fakeing it he is getting annoyed
gigi Jul 07, 2010
I'm having an awful time finding any connection between your answer and the above question. Are you sure that answer isn't intended for the Lustin' Justin section?
Rob Jul 07, 2010
i think he does. from the way it sounds to me he does like you. those are clear signs of flirting.
Answered Jul 06, 2010
stop it
Answered Jul 07, 2010
what are you talking about.
stop what
i dont get it either
Yeah he like you I mean why else would he do all this stuff
Answered Nov 24, 2012
duh.its obvious he has a biiiiiiiiiiiiig crush on u!
Answered Aug 11, 2013

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