Weird dream about Michael Jackson

I have been quite a big fan for like past few years, and haven't had any dreams about him. But recently I have stopped listening to him, because I felt it was time to move on in a way, since its been a year since he died and everything. But since I stopped listening to him, i've had the same dream twice where i've been walking home and i've looked behind me and he's chasing me, shouting "don't forget about me!" repeatedly, and i've woken up totally freaked out, and scared. I've had the dream twice, and want to know if it means anything, or i'm just being silly.
Asked Jun 27, 2010
Don't think I'd get freaked out over a dream. We all have strange dreams and sometimes they repeat a number of times. I've never been able to connect mine with anything real.

If you wake up and find a white glove on your bed, then I'd be concerned. :-)
Answered Jun 27, 2010
Thanks, yeah I think I got freaked out because he's not the nicest person to have staring at you in a dream, in the least disrespectful way :D
AmyWxx Jun 27, 2010

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