What are embedded system?How do u make an embedded system?

I need simple description what an embeded system is and what is a diffrence between super computer and embedded systems
Asked Jun 24, 2010
A super computer, like your PC is capable of being programmed for many different tasks. An embedded system is a device that uses computer technology to perform one specific task. For example, it would be foolish to hang a PC on a pole at every intersection to drive the traffic lights. Instead they have a metal box with a microprocessor mounted on a small board designed to time the lights and that's all it will do.

How you would make an embedded system would depend on the job you want it to do. You would need a program that supplies the logic burned on Read Only Memory (ROM) and electronic circuitry capable of taking that output and feeding it to the components that do the job such as relays or step motors etc.

Answered Jun 24, 2010
Thanks a lot dear for the answer. Even super computers are dedicated as much as I know about them .they are made according to the task to be performed like NASA uses for setelite control.I also want to know that are all machines doing a particular task embedded systems or what should be the point which makes a machine an embedded machine. Are wall clocks too embedded machines?because even they perform a specific task.
A computer capable of being programmed for many different tasks is not an embedded system. NASA has both types. A wall clock is not an embedded system either inless it has a microprocessor that controls when the cuckoo comes out and does his thing.

An embedded system is a device that uses computer technology but is dedicated to one single task. They control washing machines, security systems or traffic lights but you can't plug your monitor into them and send emails or log onto EHelp.
Rob Jun 24, 2010
An embedded system is a computer system that comes up with so many inbuilt functions to control many devices. Nowadays, we have seen the embedded system in almost every industry including medical, commercial, industrial etc. For making an embedded system you need to write so many programs according to the working of that embedded system.
A supercomputer is a computer which is capable to perform any task on which you are working on your daily basis.

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