How do I just become justin bieber's friend?

all I want is to be justins friend im not a kind of fan that freaks out everytime that I would see him.i just want justin to be my friend!! PLEASE

Asked Jun 21, 2010
so wat is justin biebers phone #
it is 404-665-310.
is that his real number not for fans?
look, that is not even the fan # thats a lie. I have the fan #. its 404-665-3410. there.

i <3 justin...
is that justin bieber's # or what

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There are questions on this site all of the time written by people asking how they can make money. Why doesn't one of them make Justin Bieber talking dolls? Kinda like Tickle Me Elmo. He could say "I'm your best friend," "My cell number is 123-456" and "He-He-He, I like that."

That way, all of you could be his best friend and, when you get tired of him you could put him up on the shelf with Ken and Barbie. :-)
Answered Jul 07, 2010
Edited Jul 07, 2010
hey justin I was the girl that you said someone would treat me I just wanted to say I would like you to be my friend.and by the way i'm 16 and my name is]
tameka Jul 08, 2010
hi,it's me again tameka I just wanted to know do you listen to all the non-sense people right u.
tameka Jul 08, 2010
finally someone who isnt a moron. thank you rob for being one of the few intelligent people on here. these kids dont realize that he wants nothing to do with them.
Kids-There is more to life then this Justin. You are missing out on so much right around you. There is probably some nice young man right around the corner from you and is WAY much nicer and cuter then him!!! Quit wasting your time with trying to find out his phone number or becoming his friend and finds friend in you own neighborhood!!! He is untouchable for most of you!!! So PLEASE move on and find something better to do with your time!!!!! And make something of your life!!!!
Answered Aug 30, 2010
just tell him that you're his long lost cousin, he's quite gullable
Answered Aug 04, 2010
justin bieber is not gay if you think he is u have another thing comming p.s. I LOVE JUSTIN:):):):):):):):)
Answered Jun 21, 2010
who is dis
Love you too Sierra
Wow I'm so suprised no one caught this comment above me. I looked a the profile and I'm not so sure if this is fake or not, but I'm kinda thinking it is. But seriously wow... just wow!
it would be difficult to become his friend. maybe if you somehow got backstage passes at one of his concerts and became his friend that way. other than that, I hate to say this but, its pretty much impossible.
Answered Jun 21, 2010
no it wouldnt
well 4 me
ROCIO Jun 28, 2010
i would luv to be his friend because im crazy over him but something tells me its nothing but impossible,well for me at least because I live in the little town of marshall arkansas so its impossible , but I would feel like the luckiest girl to be able to really meet him!!!!
Answered Jun 23, 2010
iam already imm his 2 bff im not lying read my post not this on the one thats after if u went
ROCIO Jun 28, 2010
wat is his phone #!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz tell me
pls I need his number. I am not that into him bt I just wnt to talk to him.
i love him so much I went to his concert on august/4/2010:)
kassidi Oct 31, 2010
if u went to hes concert and he met you !!!!!!!! and I talked to hem!!!!!!!!!!!!
Answered Jun 27, 2010
look ROCIO, I dont really think that all really happened. well I do believe that u had backstage pasess but five of them. I had six. srry but it all sounds fake and except the pasess.
hey ppls I dont mean to brag but I have 5 backstage passes and my mom has met jb moms cause I live around him but I cant post adresses on this website so im sorry I met all his girlfriends and I was there when he was shooting the song baby but his private cell# is icant tell u I have 250 poster+pics++cds signed by him im the luckiest girl inthe world oh and let me give u an advice jb fans take it easy one day ull meet him I thought I will never had met himbut I did on my birth day and I also met I carly jesse mcartney and his bro the jb brothers lots of pepople taylor swift chris brown yep so oh and did I forget jb has a nickname for me and it is lola my name iz rosio he cals me that cuz I came out from the dentist and he made a joke and I didnt wanna laugh so I said lola by mistake I meant to say lol now he call me that again I dont mean to brag and none of this is a lie
Answered Jun 28, 2010
oh and its impossible for ya ppls but 4 me its easy he already said hes gonna give me 10 passes next time ima take ashley samantha hillary parker diana denis my sis and my bro me and my mom and my dad
ROCIO Jun 28, 2010
oh wait he said 11 yea I asked for a extra one oh hes texting me now he said come over to my studio I got a surprise 4 u. im his bff well bff #2
ROCIO Jun 28, 2010
wow such bs
rocio I think you are truely amazing I belive that justin bieber will meet me one day im not goin to get all hyped up once I see him in person.i love your personailty so much you are a really true friend.and I just want to meet justin drew bieber he is perfomering tomorrow and by the time I wanted to get the tickets guees what they were sold out.i was mad but just that isnt goin to make me mad anytime soon and since you know him can you prove to my sister if you have a twitter page look me up@amazinglexus and prove to my sister that justin drew bieber will follow you here is my facebook email!lol maybe one day I will meet him but I want get my hopes up!!!!i hope lol!!!
ok ya sure ive been tryin 2 meet justin since I found him on youtube it hasnt happened yet and my family is in a hole we cant afford 2 go c a concert rite now I really need 2 meet him 2 complete my puzzle if I dont meet him my puzzle will never be complete plzzzzz help me u guys plz thats all im asking is 4 somebody 2 help me plz do the rite thing and help somebody maybe me & u will meet someday then I can do something good 4 u help me PLEASE
i love justin bieber more then any one!!!!!!!!!!:) not you hater!!!!:) haha:)
Answered Jul 01, 2010
u love justin more dan yo family
kieyah Feb 21, 2011
no I love justin more than you like every day I come home and lisin to justin and I have 3 posters of him on my wall
O ya well I have everything in my room JUSTIN BIBER I have all of is songs & I went 2 14 of his conserts I am his biggest fan in the world
Jbabby Nov 06, 2011
no I luv justin bieber more than anyone
Answered Jul 05, 2010
umm no I do!!!! I am the luckiest girl in the world cuz he signed everyone of my posters, cd's, and I have been to all of his concerts so far and gonna b there 12/18/10 and got third row. I got 6 backstage passes and have met him in real life. he lives right across from me and I have met every one of his girlfriends, and I also remember a time that I saw him takin the test drive. and b.t.w., dont get too hyped up when u c him, like I did, so just relax or he wont pick u to go to the stage with him. and srry I didnt mean to brag. I am sooooooooooooooo srry. oh and his # is....... jk! I only know his fan #. lolzzz
i have to admit hes very cute but me personally not a bigg fann im a fann but I dontt relly plan on spending my life stalking hym and searching for his nummberr I have a lyff that I would lyk to spend outside instead slalking justin......and also just because justin and kim were holding handss at the beachh doesnt mean you guys havee to send poor kim death threathss I mean honestly youu people must have nothing better too doo<33
Answered Jul 07, 2010
i have to admit hes sooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeee I just want to ............
kieyah Feb 21, 2011
I know Justins number it's none of your buisness I would never tell u his number haha lol
Answered Jul 11, 2010
hahahah!!!!!prob u dont even kno it
amy64 Jul 12, 2010
u dont kno it I bet
kieyah Feb 21, 2011
Why don't u stop this is so stupid everyone knows that he wouln't give his real # 2 anyone!!!!!
Jbabby Nov 06, 2011
i really lykk some of ur guys comments their nice nd I do think dat we should not be all up on justin nd not waste ur time on him thir r som3 better stuf 2 dO dEn JuSt BE SEARCHIN 4 HIM nd tryin 2 figure out his guys 1 day their iz goin 2 be @ chanc 2 meet him....p.s I lik him 2 but im just calm wid it!!!!!!!!!!!hope u learned some thin bout thizsu ppl dat r all obssed wid him...!!!!!
Answered Jul 12, 2010
hey if this is justin bieber hey me and my sister like you very much and I love you and I didit know if that was your number on the computer so I wish I chould come to one of your concerts but I dont have the mony but my sister is relly whating to so I am to my sister name is misty and my name is kenzie break we love you justin bieber
Answered Sep 10, 2010
why do people like justin so much, he is a little spoon-fed, stooge burning, mongrel faced, shit headed little faggot who's face is so abominable he shoul be kept behind shatter/breakproof sounproof black tinted glass and launch a nuke inside then send the particles and atoms nd whatever is left into a FUCKIN BLACK HOLEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Answered Sep 14, 2010
Ask_Sean Says, For starters do you live near him? If so why not just go up to him and be friendly but if you stay hundreds of miles away from him then you have no hope in Hell meeting him :D
Answered Sep 15, 2010
hey im kasey hey justin bieber what is your ph number
Answered Sep 16, 2010
justin bieber phone # is 860-291-2456
Answered Sep 20, 2010
no its not its some guy name isacc.
Answered Oct 03, 2010
hi its maria I love jb and im never gonna say never I will keep trying a I know that I will meet him one day and mabe get to be his friend

dont give up girls and like justin bieber saied never say never

Answered Nov 12, 2010
u just said it....
kieyah Feb 21, 2011
all I want is to be justins friend so if you get this justin please write me back I am not like ur other fans who whould like go crazey when they meet u yea I whould love to meet you but if it dont happen its ok I gesss but if I do meet u I will not go crazey for you I will just want to hang oput and enjoy your selfs like I do with my boyfriends but I dont have one right now well if u get this pleasessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wrte me back.
Answered Nov 13, 2010
Hey jazzy446
Well its hard to hang out with people here because I can't put addresses or phone numbers here but I thought I would say thanks for being my fan!
Omg Jusitn bieber number is (702)224-2063
Answered Nov 13, 2010
idk justin biebers real # but I no it aint dat:)'ps.not triyin 2 b mean kk
Answered Nov 25, 2010
Hey Lola your the luckier one as it for me I am a poor child I meant my dad is a carpenter and my mom is the best mom I the entire world what I am trying to say its like we are the same person when I am at school I have friends but they are all rich so I am not rich like you I cant afford anything that you have now ,so you are the luckier one o.k so give god bless for that o.k.
Answered Dec 14, 2010
Hi, My name is Jennifer and I want to be friends with you
Answered Dec 22, 2010
i hope I get his # so that I can become his friend :p lol and I dont think hez g_A_Y! I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER !
Answered Jan 02, 2011
Edited Jan 02, 2011
i hope I can see him in personal,because Im his no.1 fan
Answered Jan 30, 2011
how are you w/jamine justine? hope you 2 goin fine........coz im your no.1 fan
no im his NUMBER 1FAN
i love justin beiber so back off bitchs or hoes what ever u are hoes or bitchs i.d.k just back off ooookkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Answered Feb 08, 2011
what ever u are noooooo mrs.justin cous he never sed SO sorry in your dreams oh no im not sorry :)!!!!!!!!!!

you all are some unstable creepss ;; I lovee justin bieber just as muchh as youu .. but theree is NO WAY you'll evnn get the first 6 digits of his # .

"never say neverrr" but YOU CAN GIVE UP
its not happeninn Kids
Answered Feb 10, 2011
i really dont know justins number
Answered Feb 21, 2011

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