Should I carry on with my life or should I keep trying?

Hello :) , I will try and explain this as simple as I can because I would not want to write alot about this as it would very long, so here it goes. There is this girl, her name is katy and I swear to god she makes my heart skip a beat until it felt like it was broken.

Me and katy have been friends for years, through school and outside school and it was great, but over time I had fallen for katy, I felt as if she had too. Basically we were fine and then we started drifting, which was bad because I had all these un-explained feelings in my heart and I knew she did too, but after we drifted we would come back and be like " I am sorry, I miss you " e.c.t and we would be on the phone at pointless times. But I still had these feelings in my head and I would just get so fucked off about it, it made me sad, I wanted to know what she was thinking. I thought I loved her, maybe I still do. And I remember I rang up one time in the middle of the night, she was awake and I didnt say anything else accept " .. I love you" and she said " I love you too ".

but now I will skip months of the similar story, drifting apart, coming back, not talking and the feelings which started to wear off and now we are in the current state of my life, Me and katy are still like this. drifting and we see each other but .. we don't speak, we don't know why, I mean we even said that. But now she is my bestfriend, even though all of that happend I grew and she did too and we do speak sometimes but its never the same, and I dont think it will be.

I am really sorry for this because I could not write this ... it was so hard to think about what I was saying because I have been blocking it out for so long :( I just feel as if we are not friends any more like I have not earned the right to be called her bestfriend, we say we are, but it does not feel like it, I think we have grown up. she has a boyfriend which I am so proud about for her :) and I have my guitar ! .. ha ha, again I am sorry, and if you feel like commenting this ( if you understood it ) then your welcome to. please
Asked Jun 18, 2010
well it seem like yall have been through alot together so im sure she would understand if you were to meet up with her when she's not with her boyfriend and let her know that you still have deep feelings for her and however she react to this will determine if it is meant for yall to be together or stay friends....
Answered Jun 28, 2010
i think u shud just go for it, tell her agen that you love her, and shes one of the onli things u live for (:
Answered Dec 17, 2010

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