Why don't I ever talk to my boyfriend lately?

we've been off and on for 7 months now, and its been great. but now that its summer, I feel like I dont really want to talk to him. another thing is that when im NOT talking to him, I WANT to talk to him. and when I AM talking to him, I DONT want to. its strange I know but thats how it is. I do love him, a lot, but I just dont know what to do. please help me! (yeahh I know the caps are lame )
Asked Jun 17, 2010

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it could be because he makes you bored when you are talking to him but when your not you realize you miss him..... love is confusing
Answered Jun 28, 2010
well we broke up and it seems that I know what to talk about more than when we were together. is that strange?
loveya Jul 01, 2010
no.... maybe you feel like you can say more things without him getting mad about it because yall not together anymore.....
loveya. you answered my question now im gonna answer yours because you were a big help ;).

Right 7 month is a long time. if you and you boyfriend don't settle down how can you be sure that it is the right thing to do? but as you say you love him lots maybe it feels right? but because it feels right doesn't mean that you should stick to it. (i know its not exactly a nice thought but this is my thought about what it sounds like.)

you say you dont want to talk to him when you are talking to him. is this because his way of talking annoy's you? or he isn't talking to you about the 'right' things. I think you need to explore your mind and think of the reasons you have of him annoying you and look past them and try keeping a lasting relationship.

When you do want to talk to him why not text him and say 'heyy, how are you?' start off the conversation yourself that way you have started it and it doesnt have the feeling that your having to talk to him other than choosing to talk to him.

hope this helps you (:

p.s thanks again for the answer on my question >.<
Answered Jun 18, 2010
you said you love sometimes your mind or something can be you real don't love it's cold but hey what do the hell you got to lose you know !
Answered Jun 21, 2010
yeahhh... what?
loveya Jun 21, 2010

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