Why does the sun rise earlier in Colorado than in Georgia

Asked Jun 16, 2010
The official sunrise in Georgia occurs 2 hours earlier than Colorado assuming both locations deal with daylight saving time the same way. The farther north you are, the sooner you will see the sun because of a 19 degree tilt in the earth. For example, above the Artic Circle (19 degrees North Latitude) in the Summer, the sun shines 24/7. Also, the higher the altitude you are, the sooner you will see the sun.

So, if you're on top of a very high mountain in Northern Colorado and climb the highest tree you can find, you might see the big red ball a few minutes sooner than a Georgia flatlander but at best, it would be a very close call.

Answered Jun 17, 2010
miracle by allah
Answered Apr 11, 2013

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