Will a jbl 1200.1 amp power two alpine type r 15 inch subwoofers without harming them?

have recently purchased two alpine type r 15 inch subwoofers. alpine specs say they are 500 to 750 rms a piece at 2 ohms.

now I have just purchased a jbl 1200.1 amp for the subwoofers almost every one I have talked to say not to go over the rms of the 2 suboofers. I have had a guy tell me that used to work at a car audio place that it wasent going to be enough.

will this amp power my subwoofers without harming them from over powering and or underpowering them.
Asked Jun 11, 2010
you cant hurt aby speaker by underpowering what hurts them is turning the volume up past its limits and sending a bad signal. and being 150 watts short a piece according to ratings you'll never miss it and you'd never notice the difference between 1200 and 1500 watts. just make sure you don't clip the amp and you'll be alright. but that applies to all audio equipment. oh btw try searching for car audio forums. like realm of excursion (roe.com) or caraudio.com. I just happened by this post because I was looking for specs on that amp lol. but like I said try to figure out what the limits are even if your amp was 1500 rms you could still clip it by pushing it to hard
zero43 Jun 30, 2010
too little power can damage your subwoofer, and is actually more common than damage caused by overpowering. as far as this amp powering those type r subs im not sure. you could probably put 1000 watts on each and just have the amp turned down a little. but im not sure if the jbl 1200.1 will push them strong enough for you. if neone here knows anything more correct me if im wrong please.
gdog Jun 30, 2010
It will power them just fine its more than enough power for your type r's... I know first hand I have type x's and a jbl 1200.1. one thing you must have enough power to run that amp im running second battery 0 gauge wire and it moves the crowd.....
rodlang Mar 11, 2011
If the speakers are powered and have a "line level" input, and the amp has a "line level" output, they will work. Line level is a standard developed to allow you to hook different equipment together without having to match the impedance. If they are not powered, a line level signal will not produce enough power and mis-matching the impedance by connecting them to an unknown source could cause serious damage.
Answered Jul 01, 2010
I'm going to have to agree with Rob. I had a similar situation, but since both my speakers and amp had line level inputs and outputs, it worked just fine. Did the guy who worked at the car audio place have any other suggestions for you?
Answered Feb 28, 2011
I don't think so, but if you're worried about it, go to http://audiotechnix.com/ and they can help you out.
Answered May 26, 2011
with a sound deadener.

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