Why do people who hear voices

Why do people who hear voices only ever hear ones telling them to do stuff like "Kill Prostitutes" or "Burn them!" and not voices that tell them to do something useful, like the washing up?
Asked Jun 09, 2010
ummm maybe because they are schizophrenic, or crazy
Answered Jun 29, 2010
the voices that people hear that tell them to do stuff is really just they're deepest wants. these are the things that I think people have always wanted to. they just needed an imaginary voice to give them the courage to do it.
Answered Jun 29, 2010
I think it's the combination of repression, low self esteem, and wish fulfillment. The low self esteem cannot approach the desires, because it is not worthy of having any kind of wish fulfilled. So the only approach available, is one that gets projected onto a thread of internal dialogue, that by neccessity, has been ego tagged, and separated from the normal process. The ego tag means it can contribute to any dialogue, yet still remain outside of any cohesion with the personality. Which gets spooked, because a separate ego is now building a secondary personality, full of the things that are unthinkable in the normal state of affairs. Antagonistic, and undeveloped, these voices have the mentality and egocenticism of spoiled toddlers. And if they want you to kill whores, then you eventually end up in Rampton, or Strangeways. Hopefully. Depending on how effective you are.
You make an interesting point. I agree with night_angel, it's likely an impulse rather that a real voice. It would be interesting to hear an imitation of the voice. Male or female, high pitch or low. clear or gravel? Did it speak with a lisp etc. In the absence of specific descriptors, it would likely be more of a mental thought that something heard through the auditory system.
Answered Jun 29, 2010
Edited Jun 29, 2010

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