Why does " APPLE STOCK " keep going down when analyst keep raising the forecast of the share price?

Why does the stock "Apple {AAPL} keep going down when the stock analyst are still raising the forcast of the share price where its now predicted to be $340 dollars a share but the stock keeps going down every day to where its now at $247.78 dollars a share???
Asked Jun 09, 2010
Profit taking by investors and also it may be that some investors consider share price to be overpriced or over-bought. Also what about new wave of smart phones that are posing challenges in near future to iPhone. Sales may well dip as a result of andriod technology now appearing on cheaper phones from likes of Samsung, for example. Certainly here in Europe Apple is considered expensive end of market and in great recessions people are less likely to look at that end of the market. Can't speak for US/Canada attitudes. Finally in current climate stock prices are unusually volatile. Also the psychological effect of price of share can be interesting. Depends too what stock analyst you have info on. Analyst hype often foeshadows a fall in stock price. Hope this helps. Good company though!
Answered Oct 29, 2010
Take your money and run while you have some left...buy it when it goes down again !
Answered Jan 31, 2011
yep. this is just the beginning of the end for Apple. They already got away with too much collective deception and stealing technology from smaller companies... Just get whatever is left of your money and run Forest run lol...
Answered Nov 07, 2013

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