Why am I such a loser and why should I still be alive

I have been a loser all my life I was not good in school I had no friends and nobody really liked me. My marriage was a joke, I had a son who my mom and another lady raised cuz I wasnt good enough. I am 43 years old,ugly fat, I have no purpose in life I tried going back to college but failed at that was in a car wreck and I am in pain all the time. I have no meaning to live anymore I am to stupid to kill myself I have tried and even failed at that
Asked Jun 08, 2010
i feel the same way life is never what u expect people say there is something everyone is ment to do in there life time thats not always true there are thousands of people that feel thesame and kill thereselvs and the world keeps going after there dead they wernt ment to do anythingf point is killing urself wont do anything the world keeps turning with or without u shishir51423 has got it wrong ur living ur life by expectations of others live for u and forget that shit about the one who belives more wins a person with no legs can belive all he wants to win a race against the fastes man in the world but he wont if u want to kill urself fine do it but nothing will happen but if u want try giving life another chance u might find happieness u might not nothing is certain but at least u can say tried
Fuck it! Kill yourself! There is no master plan, No god, and no hope. If your not rich, good looking, or super genius smart, your a fucking tool and a drain on the world....im thinking about eating a bullet myself....see you in the afterlife...though I doubt there is one....
Plan a trip, call your relatives, say you are going with a friend, pretend you are happy. Fall off a cliff or something. Nothing wrong with it, rather be dead then live in mental hell.

I'm in mental hell 24/7 even when I do my hobbies which I used to love, and I see no way out , BUT I'm 22 and I should at least try my hardest first.
I think you should to, just try your absolute best, Do everything you can before you go, maybe you can find enjoyment with people like you?
You might have already and if you can truly say to yourself I tried my hardest. I think it is ok to go, and you can go with peace.

Ps: you can be my friend if ya want. I have some tricks to deal with my mental hell, and find joy in things. You can say you have lived, therefore you can still live, you just have to lower your standards and find fun things to do.
Blarghz Nov 25, 2012
I am alone, even though I am still living with my wife who told me a few months ago that after 25 years of marriage she wanted to get divorced and won't even talk to me. I used to accuse her of cheating on me but she wasn't. This was after I had spent 3 months in a crisis center in a local hospital after I half assed try to kill myself. I had suffered from depression for several years before and then bad financial troubles hit and impending job loss, which is going to happen in the next 2 weeks.
I was hoping to maybe start a new life but anytime I even try to talk with someone when I am out in public I am rejected and most people won't even look at me. I feel like I am in a black hole and have no hope. I have 2 grown up kids that I hate to scar them by leaving the planet, but the mental pain and lonliness is unbearable. I used to be the most upbeat person you could meet.
people-- relax. you have much to live for-- if you can just help some one else. life is a gift to share with others. no matter how much education, or how thin or attractive you are, nothing matters unless you can help someone else. then, everything matters. so go serve someone else, and you will realize that you have purpose... really!
you're not a loser at least you admitted your failures and faults
my father is a loser he never admitted how badly he messed up but he does not want to kill himself
neither should you
Answered Jan 21, 2013
I want to Fuckin kill myself but I don't want to else o will go to hell place don't kill your self just. If u want a friend add me on Facebook Elizabeth Hinrichs love u guys
Answered Feb 12, 2013
I run away when things get tough - no wonder I'm a loser! it's up the the individual, it's your choice and all i've done is run...

Death is a way out - but you're obviously not serious about it, you would have succeeded otherwise.
Answered Feb 17, 2013
i am an looser in my life I am not get an single happyness whatever I am taken it leads to loss I am struggle very much in my life I am still running through my life with the looser I am not worth in the world if now the death is came means I will happly got the death
Answered May 08, 2013
I have found one thing highly consoling. Foolish it might seem but it gave me a lot of hope. You know I read this book which talks of karma and all that. Now being an indian and a hindu at that, I am brought up to believe a lot in the do good now so that your next life becomes even better. Advantage hindu vs abrahamic :). 'cause we believe in re-birth and are taught to be kind and nice right from childhood...all with this selfish motive of saving for the future...hmmm! indian don't enjoy today and hoard all their wealth for after retirement.:).how stupid! I guess every guy is kinky with expectations for a better tomorrow but thats what keeps the life going forward. Now this little funny hindu karma book told me when I was feeling particularly lowly wasted loser that all those guys who are having a ball of a time now enjoying fame, dame and looks are guys and gals who asked god to give them a good and enjoyable life. They would go back and start from somewher lower down in the karma ladder and reach nirvana a lot later. In comparison the ugly diseased beggar is a souk who sought a shot cut to nirvana and asked god to give him as much suffering in this earthly life so that he can jump up a few ladders to reach a top rung quicker than you or me. Ok...that was quite funny but you know what? My depression ended then and there cause I thought it was part of my own chosen plan...:)
Answered May 29, 2013
U are not a loser... A loser is a silly word that I do not know who made up. Don't call your self that, I call my self a loser because I am bad in school, but I know I am joking and I love me for who I am! You should too! U are not a loser because u came from god and he loves all his children.

Answered Jun 01, 2013
I'm a loser because i'm 16 and a pervert my friends pretend to like me but they laugh at my face and back bitch about me.I'm a burden to them my brother and sister are great in academics and I suck at studies,i'm ugly and no guy wants to talk to me.I try to please people to make them stay but they leave me. I tried to make up my mind that one day i'd kill myself but i'm too coward to even commit suicide. So I just pray to god to end my life,i'd be happy if that happens and sure everyone else will be too.
So reader, if you feel sorry for me,just pray.Pray to god that he ends my miseries by taking my life away.
Answered Dec 29, 2013
Depression sucks.
I have been through it several times in my life, and have fantasized often about taking the easy way out (fave method: driving straight into a transport truck because they always seem to be unharmed). But I couldn't.

Because there was somebody out there who needed my help. Sometimes I knew who it was that needed me; sometimes I hadn't met that person yet. Later, I would find out that someone really needed my smile, my opinion, my $2 handout, that item I thought was useless but gave to charity anyway. You never know. But I have been lucky enough to see the positive results of my existence. You just haven't seen how valuable you are yet.

The meaning of life is existence. Just show up, just show up for your life. Don't worry about being successful. You are a human being, not a human doing. If you are breathing, even with help, you are doing the whole life thing right. As Buddha says, we are meant to experience life, not dominate and control it. Two thirds of depressive episodes end just through the passage of time.

I am 53. (Holy crap! How did I get to be so old? But think of me as old and wise). I have been through this several times since I was 14. And life can really suck too. Abuse, financial, health problems... everyone's story is unique but we are alike in feeling overwhelming pain and hopelessness.

I may be lying on the floor in severe emotional pain, but I am still breathing. Everything comes in waves. Good things and bad. Hope and hopelessness. Joy and Love. You have to believe that, and you will begin to see that in your life. Look for the love. There is a lot of love on this site. Feel it make you stronger.

I use a lot of internet hope now, sites like Lessons Learned in Life and the Optimism Revolution and Brainy Quotes. Maybe you could volunteer at something simple. Or read dumb joke books. Be a volunteer playmate for dogs and cats at the Humane Society/ASPCA. If you buy a coffee every day, your pleasant 'thanks' may be the only polite word that person heard today.

Just show up. And wait. And breathe. You can do it. We all can.

And the good waves of life will come.

Answered Dec 31, 2013
Edited Dec 31, 2013
OH MY FAUKING GOSH! WHEN PEOPLE SAID, GO AHEAD KILL YOUR SELF, DONT. THERE IS A GOD, HE HAS PLAN FOR ME AND YOU. I feel you on this. I was bullied my whole life, but today, I allmost DID kill my self. I only tried once. but, you have to think about the good things you have. look around. I was bullied so much, that today, I got bullied, so much, that I went into the locker room, and my friends asked me whats wrong, I bursted out in tears, saying,"why wont it end? why wont it stop? why? why?" and my bff, shinchedgehog1, pulled me into a hug, she said its ok. that ##### has no idea what he's talking about. but the saddest part, I felt really bad. because I felt like you do now. but remember... God will allways be there to help. its simple to talk to him, all you do, is bow your head, put your hands together, close your eyes, and talk. its simple.
but, my saying, is...
it means, someone in this world is like you. they feel the pain that your going through in your life. its my belief... remember that.

im allways there for you. just talk to me if anything comes up.


hope that helps! :)
Answered Jan 16, 2014
I'm a loser my life sucks I suck I'm a walking disaster I can't do anything right I'm only good as a loser I'm a joke a idiot why do
Wake up everyday ?? I think it's just to shove more shit and jokes down my waist of a mouth why don't I just die already
Answered Feb 01, 2014
I don't have an answer. I'm 59 no home no job no money. Been living with son and his family that's going great. They gave me grandsons room and I love hearing him cry all the time he wants his room back. I contribute nothing to this family or this world. Get up and do things like what walk down the road and back yea that's free. So I too am looking at death as an answer to all my problems. Go to bed with this and first thing on my mind when I wake up. Then I wonder why did I ever wake up?
Answered Sep 14, 2016
Just look at how many women losers that are everywhere nowadays that absolutely have no respect, manners, and a very horrible personality altogether when it comes to us good innocent men looking to meet a normal decent smart woman now. God forbid trying to start a conversation with a woman that we would really like to meet has now become so very extremely dangerous for many of us men today unfortunately since most of the time we will get Cursed at by these women for no reason at all. Just saying good morning or hello to a woman could get many of us men in trouble with sexual harassment too since I had women threaten to call the police on me, and I have friends that I know that even had the very same thing happen to them as well. It is real fact that most of these women now are very pathetic losers altogether since they just don't know how to act with us men anymore looking for an honest relationship. Women today unfortunately have really changed for the worst of all compared to the women in the past which most of the women back then in those days were Real Ladies and the very complete opposite of today.
Answered Nov 05, 2018
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might as well get hit by a bus
Answered May 21, 2014

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