Renting an apartment and having problems with noisy neighbors above and below

I am iin an apartment with my boyfriend we both work upstairs there is a family with a small baby and from early in the morning until 11:00 p.m the child is running back and forth in one of those chairs with wheels and the parents are constantly banging around and stomping we went up to ask them to be considerate but instead they turned around and told management that we were harrassing them now I have a letter from office telling me I could be evicted also by the way there is a guy underneath us in the other apt who has an amp and guitar ans blasts it. is there some law or something that there should be carpet on the floor above when you have children>?
Asked Jun 08, 2010
That is what sucks about living in a large apartment complex. There are no such laws requiring carpet or other noise dampening things. If you signed a lease, you are liable to the landlord for all the costs involved with re-renting the apartment (i.e., advertising, lost rent, etc.). If they are threatening eviction--you might as well let them proceed. Maybe they would waive those costs to get you out. Otherwise, you might get a digital recorder and a notebook and keep a log of these noise infractions. Maybe you can make a case for yourself and get sympathy from a judge or jury in an eviction trial and be relieved of those expenses. From a strict legal standpoint, the only way you can get out of these expenses--and rent for that matter--is if the dwelling is "uninhabitable", but noise is not one of those circumstances. For your next home search, consider paying a little more for a duplex or house; or interview other tenants in a building, before you sign, to find out how sound proof the dwellings are.
Answered Dec 12, 2010
the best solution would be to go up stairs and eqt the baby. then go down stairs and perform an operation on guitar man. open his head, take out the nerve connecting his ear to his brain. then turn of the guitar and when he plays it he wont notice. the peple above wont have a litle brat to keep you up all night, and they will probably move out the area in mourning of the loss of their child. sorted.
Answered Jan 12, 2013
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Answered Jan 31, 2014
Yeah ,it is absolutely right ,I am going to share my problem ,I have 2nos of apartment ,one is 3BR and another is 2 BR in Colombo of platinum Colombo apartments ,Both are on 15th floor front to front ,recently I gave it rent to a student’s group for their requirement ,but after that me and my family are very irritated by their attitude and behavior ,because they are doing a whole night party with their noisy music and we all people are unable to sleep the whole night ,I already warned them but having no results ,Now I am very tensed .
Answered Jul 27, 2014
You can go with the personal conversation with the family. If it will not work, then go with the legal procedure. You can complain to the owner of the land or the region police. They will accordingly take action on your problem.
Answered Oct 15, 2014
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Answered Aug 31, 2018

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