What does it mean when two sisters that are not twins, when they feel eachothers pain an suffering?

me an my sister are 18 months apart and we can feel when the other is in pain or is happy.. we can feel each others mood. were in different states an when I feel sad its because shes the sad or upset. I want to know what it means because it freaks us out knowing were not twins..
Asked Jun 04, 2010

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It may be that you two have a deeper bond than most. My sister and I are five years apart to the day and we have the same thing. The two of us are more close than most siblings so that may be why.
Answered Jun 05, 2010
I am 46 years old and my sister is 54 it is so strange we share every little thing and we do not live together. Ino when she is not well I feel all the pain she has. Once we went to the doctor to find out that we had a bacteria in our blood it was the same bacteria how can this be . I speak and no what she is about to say we want to no why this is happening to us Paula
Answered Mar 16, 2011

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