Discribe a traditional wedding cermony

Asked Jun 04, 2010
congrats on getting married! good luck!
loveya Jun 11, 2010
where the man and the women whom love eachother very much get married. probably the background filled with flowers and people that also mean a lot to you like family and friends. then a reception for everyone to talk and eat and dance. but your own wedding ceremony brings out the personality of the couple.
Answered Jun 11, 2010
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Answered Jun 28, 2013
If you want a traditional wedding for yourself then I guess you should select Tuscany wedding venues & decorate the ambience with cultural & authentic designs plus also organise for some traditional food for the menu. I am sure all this together will add a great feel and uniqueness to your wedding for sure.
Answered Aug 01, 2014
Edited Aug 01, 2014
Traditional wedding ceremony is the party or function to be made in traditional way. The presence of newly married couple should be there, if you want luxury wedding car, you may visit us http://www.luxuryweddingcars.ie/Our_Luxury_Wedding_Cars.htm
Answered Nov 27, 2015
Hello there JamShai, In the present, individuals are moving far from the traditional wedding due to the modernization. All things considered, a wedding is all about the union of two individuals, Right?

The conventional wedding talks back to a period where there was a function (regularly religious) and a little assembling of close family and companions thereafter for some tea and cake. This social affair was soon marked as the reception. After passing years of time, the weddings wound up plainly fancier and the gatherings transformed into an all out super.

A traditional wedding usedn't to be extravagant as of now. Only some close friends and the family members used to be the part of the wedding ceremony. The breakfast turned into a meal, and so the reception party. Earlier there were no such concepts. A traditional wedding is generally simple, realistic, and follows the traditions and customs according to the different religions and casts. Performing rituals and chanting mantras are done with uttermost care. Everything looks natural and simple in a traditional wedding ceremony.

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Answered Jun 28, 2017
The Indian traditional wedding is one along the famous one. The traditional developed through the hand of wedding decorators, so choose the best wedding decorators.

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Answered Oct 26, 2017
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