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Asked Jun 03, 2010
Answered Jun 04, 2010
yes it is a must to report abuse to ovide someone else from being a victim.
Answered Jun 05, 2010

abuse is the wurst thing to happen to anyperon.

Get that sucker, I will help
Answered Jun 05, 2010
Answered Jun 06, 2010
Yes you should report abuse right away! We have children and elderly people being abused by their own families. Get the Abusers OUT, put them in JAIl!
Answered Jun 07, 2010
because we should always report any knowledge, or suspecious doing,we would want help if it were happening to us wouldn't we?
report abuse
Answered Jun 08, 2010
yes you should always report any abuse sex; drugs; child all of these things are abuse go to the law child abuse line and report this.
Answered Jun 09, 2010
Edited Jun 09, 2010
yes you should report abuse
Answered Jun 10, 2010
anything that you see or hear that makes you feel bad whether it's you or someone else you should talk to a law officer first and they can decide what to do about it.
Answered Jun 11, 2010
It is O.K to care about another human ! but be care full what you say ! Be cause it will change there life for ever ! Every one is n't perfict! What we do can change the direction of your life for ever! All ways true . Joe velez
2660 Jun 14, 2010
as a past, currently retired, cps worker, I am surely aware of the various forms of child abuse which certainly must be addressed and hopefully controlled. but at the same time we must be aware of the of the changes and imperfections in or society controlled by our nations cast system, ie... the control of the rich exhibited toward the poor and social control exhibited by those professing the various supernatural gods stating freewill. our nations and the worlds population accepts false truths and invalid statements pertaining to societal truths based on very old, anchient folkway. if these statements of greed and a promised forever cannot be addressed firstly any form of true reform cannot happen. any attempts to interact within today's society is somewhat like putting a band-aid on a severed extremity.
Answered Jun 15, 2010
I think the people that abuse kids or elderly people are sick in the head and they need to get the crap beat out off them I got 2 kids and if anyone was to beat my kids I would hurt them very bad but In the end those kind of people will pay In the end even child melesters.yes you should report abuse and the sex afenders.the kids or elderly people can not help there selfs.
Answered Jun 22, 2010
Edited Jun 22, 2010
man it is all because of some callender come on we all want to ceep on going good luck tom
Answered Jun 29, 2010
my god are we all so ignerent im not in hurry to go
gogo Jun 29, 2010

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