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the past few months, when I lay down at night, I start to feed dizzy and like im going to pass out (but I dont pass out) I then find that my hearing begins to go and a ringing starts .. as it gets louder (lasts for about 5 - 10 seconds) I then start to hear like a song playing on a radio (all while still feeling like im going to pass out) while the song is "playing" I start to hear muffled voice that I cant make out what it is saying. last night was the first time I could make the voice out (ontop of the song)i remember trying to wake my partner to tell him what I am hearing but in doing so I pulled myself out of it all and it all stopped, when it stopped I couldnt remember what was said but I do remember it was along the lines of what sounded like someone telling me how im going to die or that I was going to die (something along those lines)songs change after about 15 seconds while this is all happening and the whole thing lasts for about a 1 - 1 and a half min's. awake the whole time
Asked May 30, 2010
honestly, the worst thing you can do is come online and try and diagnose yourself. i'm guilty of just this, all the time. and you know what? i'm always wrong! but nonetheless, I saw your question, and this is what I came up with on the internet:

good luck
Answered Jun 01, 2010
You may just be in the state of no yet dreaming but you are dreaming. Its hard to explain but it is the same as being hypnotised try taking some sleeping pills to help you go straight to sleep.
Answered Jul 03, 2010
It could be hypnagogic hallucinations or hypnopompic hallucinations. Read the following:


If those descriptions don't fit, try to determine whether it's a real sound coming through your auditory system or it's your brain replaying something you've heard. It's not uncommon for your brain to replay sound just like it will create visionary pictures in a dream or your imagination. It is very uncommon for sounds to be processed by your hearing system when there is no sound there.

The ringing could be the result of being around loud noise or playing music too loud. That's a sign of auditory nerve damage that can lead to an inability to hear high pitch sound. If you've used hallucinatory drugs in the past consider the possibility that may be a contributor.

Answered Jul 04, 2010
Edited Jul 04, 2010
those are spirits
Answered Jul 15, 2010
The voices idea sounds like a slight demonic energy trying to work into you. I had this once, and it is good to try to avoid letting demonic energies into your life, even if you are a really nice person.

Take up some study of spirituality and art, and listen to a little Bob Marley. Overtime, the voices will disappear, and you will start to hear wonderful sounds. Encourage, and desire for the hearing of wonderful sounds and musical snippets.

Also, it may not hurt to pray to God (or Goddess), and/or Higher Beings for any sort of help they can offer.
Answered Jul 16, 2010
i think everything u said is true bt the part about dnt pray........
god is always watchin over his world and wouldnt put anything on her that she couldnt handle sooo mayb the first and last also in between she should pray about her problem
I used to get something similar when I was young, for years, and it was along teh lines of feeling like I could hear the television on when I was laying down - really it was the silence buzz, but I think our brains can trick us into hearing familar things when we are finally relaxing and laying down. If you only hear it as your trying to go to sleep or relaxing, I would say its just your brain tricking you - I would hear what sounded like a faint television on with people talking or radio or similar very familiar background noise, and sometimes as I was falling asleep you could make out words, like 'what', or just nonsense, that used to happen all the time, not any more as my life is so hectic now that when I finally hit the pillow I fall fast asleep. (everyone gets ringing in their ears, I would get it in one of the other once in awhile, lasts for a few minutes then fades)
Answered Jan 23, 2011
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