Why do people hate Justin bieber?

Seriosly there's nothing to dislike about him.
Asked May 27, 2010
sorry to say well becuz most kids kno that when he hits puberty no one will like him cuz he wont sing like girls want him to sing....and most ppl things hes gay and a girl....
Answered May 28, 2010
Uhm he's only human and female idolize him to the fullest!
Answered Jun 02, 2010
justin bieber ugle
Answered Dec 14, 2010
justin bieber thought himself is handsome. but the reality, he's short, big teeth and having a huge head....his hairstyle is sooo boooreddd....same at all time... sometimes, I wondered what is sooo special 'bout im...his songs r all 'bout love...and I think his weight is underweight.
Answered Jan 03, 2011
Bad voice
and the list goes on
Answered Mar 22, 2013
your right,
why do you guy's hate him HE HOT
Answered May 27, 2010
Edited May 27, 2010
i have 2 agree with u
He will not be "HOT" when your married
Or with a boyfriend
Answered May 28, 2010
He is good Mann he wil grow puperty one day like everyboddy else I growed puperty at age 14 and half ok but he is 16 his voice has changed a little bit tho
Answered Jun 06, 2010
when he hit puperty hes not going to sing good nomore so if you have not gone out with him our know him to bad ha ha I know him and his number
Answered Jun 08, 2010
umm no you dont.......
no u dont......
i have it
Emmy Oct 27, 2011
What IS wrong with him? seriously
Answered Apr 06, 2011
People don't like him
He has done nothing to you or your friends and you dont know the real him. People are sometimes jealous of his life style and the way he gets to perform most of his life right now. But seriously people if you ask yourself why you dont like him then it would probably be one of these things. Some people think hes hot and others not but so what? Everybody has thier right to think that and it shouldnt cause people to hate him. How would you really feel inside if you had tons of people hating you while your only 16 or 17 years old? On the outside you might not care but anyone with a good heart wouldnt like it when you havent done anything to deserve it.
Answered Jun 02, 2011
really people we do have our own opinions. Plus I went on the internet a month ago asking is justin a girl and that website said yes and plus I have a friend name Justin Biegie and I hate both guys!!!
Answered Oct 27, 2011
i <3 justin bieber I have bieber fever
Answered Mar 01, 2012
Bieber fever deadlier than cancer
no offense to girls that like him but he is:
worst voice EVER!!!
Answered Apr 10, 2013
I think its just personal opinions same with every singer for example people say taylor swift is boring and needs to shut up moaning about harry but yano still your own opinion same with them all personal I like justin himself just not his songs :)
Answered Oct 08, 2013
He has people do EVERYTHING for him, like his security had to carry him when he went to china, he spits on fans, he is greedy and stubborn. He only wants to be famous.
Answered Oct 08, 2013
he is so hideous without make up,if all the boys want to make up ,they will be prettier than justin and girls
Answered Apr 04, 2014
I actually don't think that the people that say they don't like JB really don't. I mean, some people actually might not like him, but I think SOME girls do it just to fit in with the others who DON'T either. But, the people that don't like him probably don't like him because of all the bad things he's done. I only like him because I think he's HOT:) I hope I helped:)
Answered Apr 04, 2014
Edited Apr 04, 2014
Well I can say for myself I didn't like him because his song "Baby' irritated me to no end. Yes that was his first song and maybe I should of cut him some slack. I gave Rebecca Black a second chance after "Friday" Maybe it is because in mind he is just another teenaged heartthrob that has been done before and soon be outdated. All the girls go crazy for him but in a few years somebody younger and maybe better or worse will replace him. I might have given him a chance because he is Canadian and does like Tim Horton's but not after that CutforBeiber nonsense. Or spitting on your fans who love you in their delusional minds. That is just disrespectful on so many levels.

Why people generally hate him? Not there target market I guess. Lol. Seriously most of his fans are younger females and the people that tend to hate him are older and more mature. I could be wrong. Also, people tend to have a picture perfect idea of how music should sound and if it doesn't meet up to those expectations they toss it aside and criticize it. Lol. I'm surprised how in depth I got for this answer. Hope this answers your question :)
Answered May 13, 2014
Um..... If you haven't noticed.... EVERYTHING is what is wrong with him.
Answered May 16, 2014

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