Can genital herpes be spread even if there are no symptoms?

I really like this guy that I have been seeing lately. I feel like if I tell him that I have herpes, then he will lose interest in me. But I would feel horrible if I ever gave someone this virus.
Asked May 24, 2010
I'm not sure about that but I would make sure that you're healthy and hydrated because cleanliness is really important. Bad hygiene can turn someone off so make sure you're doing it properly and using a penis health creme. Good luck ya'll.
Yes, it can still be spread. The CDC states that even with use of condoms it is still possible to spread it when symptoms are not present. There is no cure for this, only anti-virals that help lessen the time of outbreaks.
Answered Jun 03, 2010
Helping You is 100% correct
Answered Apr 25, 2011

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Answered Oct 23, 2019
Use condoms... this is the only way to prevent genital warts.... you can't cure them once you get them so make sure you are taking the necessary precautions. And guys should use an antibacterial penis health creme like Man1 Man Oil for a hygiene boost down there.. you just rub it into the penis skin once a day and things stay in good shape. You can get this creme online.
Answered Mar 24, 2020
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Answered 8 days ago
Answered 8 days ago

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