Is it hard to be pregant at the age of 12

if you are 12 and you are 2 months from your 13th birthday how hard is it to be a young mom
Asked May 24, 2010
of course! its hard at all ages! please dont be pregnant at your age!
Answered Jul 12, 2010
no its not that hard and im 15 and babysitted my nephew almost all his life if u dnt knw nothin and rather party then yes its gne b hard bt u cant really ask ppl bkz they dnt knw how u are or how u gne react...... all we knw is how we feel about it and I think if u think u would b a good mother then gone head do you
Answered Jul 12, 2010
u dont kno if its hard to take care of a child unless u have one.. so jazz if you dont have a kid u cant tell them it aint hard.. im only 18 yrs old n have 3 kids.. my first was at 15.. shit was hard. its hard for every yung mother out their! even when u do have the best support out their.. pleasse dont get pregnant at yung ages.. juss wait till your older.
Answered Sep 11, 2010
Anytime you are old enough to have menses, you are old enough - physically - to become pregnant. Getting pregnant could have been the fun part. Delivery will be the easy part, compared to raising a child and all it entails. If you are possibly pregnant, or even not and have had sex, please get checked for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Both gonorrhea and chlamydia often have no symptoms, and left untreated can cause major damage.
Answered Sep 12, 2010
I am 15, I have a two year old. I know that it's harder to be a mom at such a young age... If you cannot support the baby when you give birth, put it up for adoption, or get the father of the baby to take care of it... I have my baby's daddy taking care of my little angel up in Georgia, and I use a webcam to talk to the little honey... He's so precious... Now you can always find ways to make money and search for ways to pay for the baby's health, food, clothes, diapers, etc. I truly do hope that you do NOT have a baby at 13, but if you do, like I did, see if the baby daddy will help... It needs two parents, not one. My little one gets to come visit me every month... The daddy takes him on the plane. I love being a mother, that's why I was perfectly fine having a baby... Just choose what to do and don't let your choice fail you in the long run. Let me know if you need any other help with this!

Answered Sep 17, 2010
Ask_Sean Says, Uhh I dont know im not a girl, sorry I cant help :D!
Answered Sep 28, 2010

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