Are these signs my shy crush likes me?

These are some of the signs that she gives me (although she hasn't been giving me them as much lately):

1. Sometimes she looks at me when she thinks I'm not looking at her. Once in a while she giggles while doing this.

2. When we do look at each other, she mimics the expression on my face, then looks down or walks away.

3. This one sorta relates to #1. From time to time, when she looks at me and I look at her, she doesn’t look away. One time, I was sitting on the couch and I was talking to her Mom and my Mom. I happened to glance over at her and I saw her looking directly at me, smiling, with her tongue hanging out to the side.

4. If I try talking to her, she acts surprised, turns her head toward me to answer my question, then after she is done, she quickly looks away. She talks to my parents' without hesitation.

5. A couple of times, she was in an elated mood and actually said "hi" to me excitedly. Later once day, I asked her a question and she didn't hear me and/or was surprised, but she looked straight into my eyes and held that stare until I repeated myself.

6. A few times before she went to bed, she said "Good Night" to me before saying it to anyone else and when she did say it to someone else it was quieter and less enthusiastic.

7. At times I can hear her talking to her parents' (mostly her Mom) about me. One instance is when she asked her Mom; "how come he didn't say much to me?" This was in regards to the time I said "hi, how are you" to her.

8. Her friends’ act differently around me. Example: At her birthday back in 2007, I could hear her friends’ talking about me. A couple of times they even glanced back at me with smiles on their faces.

9. She told her brother information about the game he was playing. I responded for him. She didn’t say a word, just tried to avoid my eyes.

10. If I wave to her when I see her in the car with her Mom, she gets fidgety.

11. One time I saw her looking at me at the dinner table. When I looked over, I noticed she was blushing.

12. I was at her house and I started to cough. She immediately looked over like she was concerned.

What makes me think otherwise...

1. On two occasions she frowned at me. The first time she looked she did it, she looked down at the floor afterwards. The second time it was almost like she was mocking me.

2. She tries to avoid me, sometimes by taking the long route to get to where she wants to go. One time she sat in front of me at the dinner table, but when she saw her brother, she asked him if he wanted to sit there. Then she walked away groaning.

3. She doesn't let me touch her. Example: I was in the car with her family and her brother reached over to poke me. She happened to be sitting in between us. As I began to reach behind her to poke him back, she leaned forward, even though she was in the middle of playing her Game Boy Advance. She didn't do that when her brother reached over.

4. Years ago, she would spy on her brother and I from the stairs leading into the basement. For a while I thought that meant something, but I recently asked her brother whether or not she also used to do this to his other friend. He said yes.

5. Her Mom also shows some of the signs that I mentioned above (hardly looking at me when talking to me, ignoring me). I know for sure she doesn’t like me in that way.

6. A couple of times when I would walk by her, she would say “eww”. One other time when she walked by me, it was more like an “eeeehehehehehe”. I wasn’t doing anything disgusting. In fact, the last time she did that, I was walking by her and her mom, her mom said "oh not this again"

7. I tried giving her a "promise to date ring" and had her look up the meaning of one. Then she said "I'm not reading this". I asked her why not and she gave me an I don't know. Then she said "I'm going upstairs" where her parents were. As far as I know, she never told them about this.
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Asked May 22, 2010
Bro, that sounds like one crazy B!TCH right there! Your life might be in danger. Luckily 4 you, I was wondering what interesting threads there might be on the web today and ended up on this one. I know exactly what she's doing...She's plotting to take you out and wants to see who else WANTS IN! Thus, her girlfriends laughing at you when u look at them. EVEN YOUR OWN PARENTS, the evil FIEND...Naw, i'm joking. She def thinks ur nice. Now whether or not she LIKES likes u, idk 4rm the info u gave us...but she has some interest in u. ive been down that road b4 & know how u feel. Just b aggressive and talk 2 her, it can only get better 'cause u already know she's talking to others about u. Work off of it
well the beginning of this I thought oh well duhh she likes you then when it got torwards the bottom I realized the she is in LOVE with you you need to realize the reason y she is saying eww when you walk by is to get ur attention...and if you maybe start talking to her at like school or home more like for instance sayyy hey wats up? wat r ya up to ?? wanna do something or like invite her to hang out wit kind well if you dont like her then still try to be freinds wit her butdont over do it dont make it look like you like her bak jus be normal...but yes those r definent signs of love plz read some of my question and answer I could use some help to...
Answered May 26, 2010
hahaha... well .
to answer your original question. the good points are DEFINITE signs of her liking you. alot actually.
the bad points I will answer with a reason for each.
point No:
2. she maybe taking the long route to avoide acting weirdly. I know I do that when I think I act like a total retard around someone. and when she moved out of her seat it would have been cause she was feeling awkward and perhaps abit silly just sitting there and saying nothing.

3. its a girl thing. :P everyone does it. if she dosent know you like her she would feel abit weary of touching you. especially if she likes you.

4.if she would spy her bro's friends years ago then perhaps she was just interested in what they were talking about or doing.

6. she would be saying words or things like that to try get your attention. her mom may have just been abit exasperated at her way of catching your attention.

7. sometimes when a guy does something that says they like a girl it would have felt abit weird reading that with you standing there.


please try help me with my problem cause its abit as much confuzzling aswell and I need HELP with a guy.. so its good to talk about it with a guy. lol
like it is finding out what girl stuff means from a girl :P
Answered Aug 12, 2010
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Answered Aug 12, 2010
Magic of love or a magical way to build a spam email list?
Rob Aug 12, 2010
more like an email spam list. dont do this lol
How old is she? she seems a little young to be saying 'ewwwww' every time you walk past :P even people in my grade don't do that.
Answered Oct 20, 2012

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