Anyone have any information about K2?

What I have heard about it is that it gets you high like smoking weed, but you are able to pass drug test. I would like to know what chemical is in it to give you that feeling of being high. I know you can purchase it at your local head shops. It's expensive like $60 for three grams.
Asked May 22, 2010
It is a mixture of botanicals and herbs, and is sold as incense. It does get you high like weed, but on the package it clearly says "not for human consumption." I have taken the risk, and after about half a bowl, I was higher than a kite. When I "came down" (which I have never had a come down from real weed) I got a massive headache, and had a sensation of fullness in my ears. My husband on the other hand, had no adverse side effects, and continues to buy and smoke this product. If you do not have side effects such as mine, this price is actually well worth it. like I said, it took one or two hits for me to feel good. You do not need more than one bowl, and it lasts for a long time. I have heard rumors of the Military starting to test for it, but legally they can't do anything, because the product is legal, it is just not "recommended for human consumption."

Here is a site that I found very useful:

Best of luck!
Answered Jun 01, 2010
The chemical in k2 that gets you high is JWH-18, and it affects the same recptors THC does.
Answered Jul 24, 2010
I went to a smoke shop the other day to buy some and it has become illegal the JWH-18 on christmas eve ,but I did get this stuff called(wicked) and it felt the same so, they must have a way around it.
Answered Jan 03, 2011

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