Did my shy crush lose interest in me?

She normally shows me signs such as:looking at me when I'm not looking at her (sometimes while giggling), mimicking me, asking people she knows questions about me, showing concern for me if she thinks I’m in trouble, her friends act differently around me, sometimes she blushes around me, etc.

Last time I was over her house, the only things she did were looking at me (which seemed like more of a coincidence then anything), talking about how I got out of my chair the same time her brother did, and saying good night to me (which wasn't solely directed at me).

To top it all off, she refused (in a shy manner) to read something that I found on the Internet that was going to lead into me giving her a "promise to date" ring. You see, she is too young to date right now, but I am willing to wait for her. Funny thing is though, she showed a few of those "signs" after I attempted this.

Has she lost interest in me or was it just an off day? After all, I heard her talking to one of her friends saying she didn't feel like herself.

Btw, I ran into her and her mom today at a community fair. Not once did she look over at me (she looked everywhere, but in my direction) nor did she show any other sign of liking me.
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Asked May 16, 2010
if she doesnt feel like herself then try to talk to her about it. try to get her how she was before. if she wont talk about it, then just tell her that you may not be in the wait forever .
Answered Jun 05, 2010
Hmmm... That's a tough one. But it sounds like you really need help, so I'll do the best I can. I'm a girl, so maybe I can help. Maybe she isn't really ignoring you, she just doesn't want you to catch on that you like her. If I had a crush on someone, I wouldn't want him to find out. I would just try to get him to like me. You know you like her, but she might not know so. She might have thought the "promise to date" thing was a joke. (Girls love to laugh.) Or maybe she was embarassed because she thought that you had found out that she likes you and she thought you were making fun of her. My best advice is to wait until she's older (old enough to date) and say, "Listen, _____, I really like you. I don't know if you like me, but I just can't keep the secret any longer." Those don't have to be your exact words, but something like that. At least then she'll know, whether she likes you or not. Show her that you are a good friend and would be a good boyfriend. Then, if she doesn't already, she might start to have a crush on you. Hope I helped. :)
Answered Feb 27, 2013

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