Why do bumper cars have rubber bumpers

Asked May 14, 2010
the same reason why cars have rubber wheels;
because it is durable, semi shock absorbent, and most importantly very cheap to produce
Answered May 14, 2010
Edited May 14, 2010
Actually, cars have rubber wheels because rubber provides the most traction.
Indeed that is the most important aspect of car tires but traction is not a catalyst in the decision of making bumpers, rubber, therefore extraneous to this question.
Yes, but you said, "the same reason why cars have rubber wheels" not to mention, cars generally have plastic bumpers, so your answer was a bit out there...
yes there are multiple reasons why rubber is used on tires I listed those that are in relation to why they use rubber on bumpers. the issue was bumper cars not vehicles. please read the question before answering it.
It sounds like you're arguing for my point...
Because of rubber's natural property of the reflection of kinetic energy in the form of recoil. With that, when two bumper cars collide, they really bump harder, otherwise they'd just smack into each other and sit there, crashed and broken.
Answered May 14, 2010
because rubber has natural reflection energy If you are interested to find the information about this topic you must have a look at this website you will find all the answers of your question here. http://www.rubberflooringuk.com/product-category/wet-area-matting/
Answered Nov 22, 2013
Gym mats add comfort, safety, and appeal to exercise areas. Our selection of gym mats include single rubber mats for isolated areas such as weight lifting mats and exercise machine mats, or rubber mat rolls covering larger areas, or even interlocking rubber mats going wall-to-wall. Whatever the particular need we have the gym mat solution.
Answered Dec 05, 2013
As a result of elastic's normal property of the impression of motor vitality as force. With that, when two amusement carts impact, they truly knock harder, else they'd simply smack into each other and stay there, smashed and broken.

Answered Nov 09, 2017
Edited Nov 09, 2017
Because of Rubber Seals natural property of the reflection of kinetic energy in the form of recoil. If you are interested to get more detail about this topic then go through this website https://westernrubbers.com/product/rubber-seals/
Answered Sep 06, 2018

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