Why do I dream of my exboyfriend?

my ex and I have been broken up for three years now, it ended very badly and I hated him for the longest time. I was very close to what he was feeling, after we had broken up I felt that wasnt the end of our relationship. I was having many dreams that he kept coming back and I kept pushing him away lik when after we broke up. Later on in the first two years I had dreams of him trying to reach me and want to be with me but he couldnt because of his new gf(which he had but just broke up with) I kept dreaming of him always trying to kiss me and hug and just be with me and I started to give in and was kissing him back. we havent spoken in three years but recentaly his ex gf look me up just to start problems with me. We met in person and had a talk but what he did in my dreams he did in real life...so im asking why is it that I keep dreaming of him when I didnt even think of him any more nor even stay in contact with him?
Asked May 11, 2010
We had , had a revival at my church. One of the nights spoke about things in your closet. Often times we clean up our room by just shoving things in the closet. So our room appears clean but you still have to deal with that closet sooner or later. I feel you've cleared your mind of him just by throwin' him back in your "closet" you have to completely let him go so you can be free, TRULY free. =D And I will be praying that God handle the situation in the best way in should be handle!
Answered May 12, 2010
Edited May 12, 2010
<([__(crayola)__]) <--- Don't you just love it and want to draw with it?
Answered Jun 30, 2010
i do
Your mind is just randomly scanning your subconscious memory in the dreams. It has nothing to do with anything real.

You will get through life a lot better by focusing on what is real, now and your future than looking for any signifigant meaning in the naturel process of dreaming.
Answered Jul 01, 2010

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