He is the one who cheated, why is he so angry at me?

I was with this guy on and off for 13 yrs, he cheated on me repeatedly. While pregnant with our child, he had two other woman pregnant for him. So I left him for good and cut him completely out of my life. Now he is married to one of the women he cheated on me with, didn't tell me, still telling me that he loved me and tried to sleep with me. I was livid, and barred him from my house so he has become so angry and vendictive that he is calling and telling any one of my friends and family that would listen to him that the reason why he didn't marry me is because I am a whore and lied to him all throughout our relationship.

He even went as far as denying our child together even though he refused DNa testing twice (court for support and at birth). He is the one who could not be truthful and faithful to me why is he so angry at me and is hell bent on destroying me and making up lies after lies to destroy my reputation?

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Mind I add that during his whoring around, I was busy putting myself back in school, getting my career started, and buy my first home. I have already asked the courts about the dna, they say they cannot compel him to do it, because he acknowledged the child as being his, twice, signing of birth cert. and during support hearing.

He is newly married, why is he not concentrating on his wife instead of me? What is wrong with this guy? Why is his anger directed at me? any advice?
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Asked May 10, 2010
Edited May 10, 2010
he's angry with you for getting caught and he either is too ashame to beg you to forgive him or just to self center to care if he hurts you.
Answered May 10, 2010

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