How do I get my webcam to work?

I have a Dell laptop with a built-in webcam. Lately, I've been trying to use sites like and yahoo webchat but the camera won't work. I've used those sites before without any problem.
Asked May 06, 2010
You say you've used chatroulette and yahoo without any problems before, but was that with this same Dell laptop? Or a different computer? Basically I'm asking, has this web cam ever worked?
Yes the webcam has worked for a year and a half on this computer but recently it stopped working.
I'd suggest reinstalling the drivers for your webcam. They're most likely on one of the discs that came with your computer. If not, then post your make and model and I'll try to find them online.
I didn't get any discs with the computer for the webcam. I have an HP. I don't know what model tho.
There's a couple of places where you can find the model.
•On a sticker on the back or side of the computer.
•Right click on "My Computer" and select "Properties"
•In the Start Menu, select Search, and type "MsInfo32" and click the html file. You can look under the main tab under "bios" and this should be produced by the company who manufactured your computer. If it doesn't try looking at the hardware tab and search for any manufacturing info.
•Go to Control Panel, and then depending on your OS, this may be labeled differently, but you're basically looking for "System" or "System Hardware" etc... and you can find it somewhere in there.

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Could be simply that you haven't given the correct permissions to it.
Answered Jul 16, 2011

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