What's a clitoris?

I have been trying to figure this out for years and where it is located. my mother tried to tell me and I still was confused. Even my health teacher couldn't explain it. I don't want to know for like sexual purposes or anything, i'm only 17. but it's part of my body and I want to know WHERE AND WHAT THE HECK IT IS. is it that little thing you pee out of? if anyone can answer this it would make my quest complete. Thanks!
Asked May 06, 2010

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Kudos to wanting to know your body! It can be sort of confusing so don't feel bad. Here's a diagram http://www.venusappeal.org/Symptoms/VulvalCancer/main_content/lzen/large. It is pretty odd that noone has showed you a diagram but I guess they may be uncomfortable.

I suggest looking at that then taking a mirror to the shower. It sounds weird but if you really wanna know, hands on is the best bet. Do note that not all vaginas are alike, they're all different and so if yours does not look like the diagram don't panic. It's normal.
Answered May 06, 2010
Fairy12 May 09, 2010
Its the part that Girls rub to masturbate and it makes them feel good about them selfs (i think? (im not a girl just guessing))
Answered Oct 04, 2010
Yeah! And while you have your "hands on" it, if it feels good, that's probably it!
Answered Oct 10, 2010
Well the reason you don't know or can't find it is because you don't have a clitoris!!! My friend Amy doesn't have one so when I tried to explain it to her and show her she was confused. But I will still tell you what it is. There are two types of women. One type of women has a clitois which is like a mini dick but really really small that is found near the vagina. When having sexual intercourses the man has to rub or touch the clitoris while penetrating the women. This gives her orgasm. You can also masturbate yourself with a clitoris. The other type of women is the women that doesn't have a clitoris like you. This means that you get your orgasm by the man putting his dick into your vagina. Your orgasm is called vaginal orgasm. Your not the only girl that doesn't have a clitoris and it's not a problem. You just get sexual pleasure differently than people with clitoris you get pleasure easier!!! Hope this really helped you!!!
Answered Jan 15, 2011

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