Is it normal to hold a cd under a desk light and be able to see the label thru the back of the cd?!

Just bought a software home design cd. when I put it in I get a loud humming noise....and when I click on install its like its chattering/vibrating but nothing is I put it under my desk lamp to see if any scratches...and I could see the label from the front through the back of this cd! Just to make sure I did the same thing with a couple of other of my cd's and could not see through the cd but got the "reflection" of myself. So did I get ripped off?
Asked May 06, 2010
You have nothing to worry about. The loud humming is the computer spinning the CD. The chattering/vibrating is the optical lens moving back and forth, reading the disc. Also, it's common to be able to see through the label of discs. Some discs, the label is ink-printed directly onto the plastic, and thus you can just see through the ink when it's held up to light, other discs have a a label manufactured onto them using some sort of plastic, so you can't see through the disc. You were not ripped off in any way. Try putting it in and running the installation again, and this time give it some time. Sometimes it just takes some time to get started.
Answered May 06, 2010

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