What are the effects on baked potatoes?

what are the effect like is the skin more easy to peal off or is the potatoes softer (like those effects)
Asked May 04, 2010
The insides become softer, thus not really making it easier to peel, but it's easier to separate it from its skin. I'm pretty sure that's it though.
Answered May 04, 2010
If you want a really scientific answer: baking sucks the moisture out of the meat of the potato. As you may notice, potatoes are very moist inside and when baked that moisture evaporates creating a softer inside. Now if you wrap your potato in foil before putting it in the oven, it will lock the moisture in and make the skin soggy. Baking potatoes with no wrap will crisp the skin (potato skins!) and also cook the inside.

Hope that helped!
Answered May 06, 2010

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