My dogs heart is beating fast

my dog has not been out side laying around all day why is his heart beating so fast.
Asked May 01, 2010

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You shouldn't be too worried, he was probably just excited about something. If you see some sort of erratic behavior, you may want to take him to a vet, but otherwise it shouldn't be an issue.
Answered May 01, 2010
oomgg. same here he's trying to sleep right now. his heart is going *beat beat beat* breathes, beat beat beat its a repeated pattern! Please help me i'm scared i've only had him for about 9 years.
Answered Jul 05, 2010
ok, so for anyone who didn't know, a dogs heart beats a lot faster then a humans, it will seem way to fast to you. but if your still paranoid, you can take it to a vet and spend hundreds of dollars to get the same answer.
Answered Jul 07, 2010
I'm sure you know your dogs normal way of acting.If it looks wrong to you then you should take him to the vet.My 9 year old Basset's heart was racing when I took him to the vet.Come to find out he had two sided heart failure.It was to late for my baby,but if you catch it in time they can help yours live longer.With meds.he can live a normal life. Good Luck!

Answered Jul 27, 2010
your not paranoid... I just brought my dog to the vet bc she was passing out.. turns out she has a bad heart. it beats too fast. and the vet said good thing I brought her in bc she could die. I will get her back tomorrow from the vet hopefully.. but she will have to be medicated for the rest of her life =/
Answered Aug 10, 2010
Hi the same thing is happing here this has never happened I need answers it is NOT normal plzzzzzzzzz I need to know my mom has to go somwhere she wont lkeave until she knows plz I need help ASAP im not jokin plzzzzzzz :'(
Answered Oct 01, 2011
Edited Oct 01, 2011
My dogs heart pissed on me...
Answered Sep 01, 2012
why you feeling up your dog hey yall
Answered Aug 06, 2013

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