How to choose my career?

alright, sorry 4 the category but this is really nothing to match my question, here we go:

Ok. So , I'm artistic I know that. I love to draw, write,plan, and sketch.
So I can be a
. artist
.wedding planner

(also i'm kinda young, but I have no idea what I want to do for a living)
Asked May 01, 2010
Edited May 01, 2010
I was in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf one time, and I saw someone wrote on one of the blackboards something that's stuck with me my whole life. "It's better to do something you like, than something you're good at." So just think of what you like to do most, and build on that, embrace it, make it your own. Since you love to draw, you could try being a cartoonist, artist, webcomic, sketch artist, characterchur artist, story board artist, even a lot of game design involves physical drawings. You're young, you still have plenty of time to find the right career for yourself.
Answered May 01, 2010
thanks everybody says i'm good at writing-but I dont really like it as much as drawing - or weddings, so, you helped alot thanks!
i found im back to my original place, because I love writin and readin, plannin an drawin, sooo, yeah
I found that this always helped me chose the right career
Answered Feb 07, 2012
do what you like too do not what your good at doing like me im good at drawing crafting sketching and stuff like that but thats not what I wanna do for a liveing I wanna be a investagaitor or a nurce for a liveing because thats what I would like too...see idk if I can do these things or not ive never tried them but I have worked at a nurceing home cleaning and I loved it but follow your heart it will tell you what too do
Answered Nov 03, 2012
It was good information for beginners nice to meet you
ruhhana Jul 20, 2019
No one can’t tell you that what best for you, its depend on you to recognize your potential. Do what you love the most like if you are good in coding and love to do that work that IT jobs best for you, if you have management skills, and leadership quality then you can go in HR field. Take guidance from expert also spend some time with yourself to analyze your skills, potential this helps better to choose your career.
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Answered Sep 06, 2017
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You know what first you have to find your interest.Which field your nature suits In this way, You confidently find your passsion and career.
Answered Mar 09, 2020
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