She says she just wants to be friends but why does she still flirts with me

well theirs this girl thats gos to school with me that is a year younger then me. we have gym together with a buddy of my'n she flirts with me all the time. she twirls her hair and laughs at even my dumb jokes. she always laughs or smiles when she sees me and if she sees me in the hall standing with friends she will come over and talk for a few minutes. about 2 months ago I told her I like her but she said that "we are friends and thats all she wants to be." but she still flirts with me to this day poking me and playful pushing. why does she do this? help please.
Asked Apr 29, 2010
Edited Apr 29, 2010
She doesn't want to be more than friends, but she also doesn't want to stop talking an flirting with you. She likes that you like her, and likes having you around so she doesn't feel alone ever
I split with my ex 6 yr a go and I got married but I have a child with my ex but she still talks to me as we are still together but she says she don't want to be together or any of the usual things but she says she wants another child and stiff like that I'm a little confused please help
Im in that sitation myself. I'v liked this girl for a year now. I took her to my prom. she says she just wants to be friends, but im not giving up on her. If fate meant us to be together, than it will happen. My addvice to you would be play it cool and see what happens. I know, shes told you sher Never wants to be with you. I think she likes you OR she wants you to pay attention to her. My situation: Shre laughs at my jokes to and twerls her hair. BUT, mine is in college, yours is not, so be her FRIEND FIRST, hang out with her, find out what she likes. She will come around eventully.
Answered Apr 29, 2010
Edited Apr 29, 2010
Tell her that you are respecting her by no longer pursuing her so she should be a friend to you and stop being so flirtatious and touching because it is not fair to you. Tell her you are not trying to be mean but what she doing makes too muc confusion. She will stop all together but it might even get more touchy.
Answered May 21, 2010
I am way older but have a situation with a much younger girl. She says she only wants to be friends and well after me pursuing her she gave in, dumped her boyfriend and asked me out. We did that with her and a couple of her friends then the next day she said I hadn't let loose enough and didn't try hard to be myself. She said not to assume anything as we continued to hang out that she only wanted to be friends but that she thought I was still a nice guy. She repeated that a few times, yet she seemed really interested to get to know my niece. She's now also nice with my friends. I know it's hard but I can only tell you to be her friend and be very very patient. She will come around when the time is right. Learn to be her friend first as friendship is the basis for good relationship. Afterall our better half should always be our best friend. I'm trying to hang in there and be just that and not be clingy or visit her work as often as I did. Give her time and space. She will value you more for that. Good luck.
Answered Jun 05, 2010
She'll come around. Or maby shes just a flirt? Does she do this with other guys?
Answered Aug 05, 2011
Yeah I'm having the same situation with a girl I like now,we're in highschool and I've kinda been crushing on this girl for about a month now.We started talking and hanging out and then she started texting me.We've known each other for a while and It seemed like she was you know,into me.She evn told me herself that she liked me.But then one day on Facebook,she put "I think I like him." Naturally, I thought it was me. I go to school the next day and one of my friends tells me shes dating another boy. Out of anger and me being upset, I stopped talking to her and began ignoring her.She sends people up to me to ask me If I'm mad at her and I'm like what do you expect of course I am.It was probably a mistake but she keeps trying to talk to me. Should I go up to her and talk to her?I just feel like she toyed with my feelings.
Answered Oct 20, 2011
dude,dont u get it, she's just embaraced to say she has felings for u, or maybe she wants YOU to make the move cause she's too shy.
Answered Oct 30, 2011
i think she likes uuu but shes afraid im in this situation toooooo...pls help me and answer my question plssssss I need some help too my friends
Answered Apr 15, 2013
am on the same boat... my ex dumped me because trust (even tho nothing happened)
3weeks ago she dropped me.
i tell her I love her she says the same bk and when I say I miss her she replies it back. we flirt and have had sex twice.
but when I went out with friends friday night she asked I i meet anyone I said no. now if she doesnt want me how do I no if I make wrong move she will come back crying??
Answered Apr 30, 2013
Hehe.. Really late answer, but she probably just thinks its funny to play around with your mind... I know a girl in my science class that does that....
Answered Jan 02, 2014
It's a habit. Girls flirt with lots of guys. She obviously has a secret. She probably still likes you and wants you to catch on to the act. Talk to her about it
Answered Feb 17, 2014
Hey, im a girl! Well most of of us just kinda love to flirt. I know it sucks but it gives a boost to us. But if she hangs out with u and goes out of her way... u either have a super friend or a chic who is still trying to figure out if it would or wouldn't work ojt!
Answered Apr 01, 2016

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