This girl wants me and I want her.but she has a boyfriend.

This story is even hard for me to understand,
About three ago years I was with this girl for about 6 months and then I cheated on her on new years and dumped her a week after. When I told her what happend she wanted to forgive me but I liked the girl I met on new years more so I dumped her and never really spoke again. (I know im a retard).

3 Years later I come back from traveling europe and I see a picture of her on the internet and I think omg :o lol, I knew she had a boyfriend at the time and she probably dosen't remember me, anyway, I send her an IM on msn and she says ''don't believe it!!'' she was delighted to talk to me and we talked about what we have been doing for the last few years. We talk about our past remembering the good times we had when we were together not thinking anything of it and then I asked her if she had a boyfriend, she said ''no''.
So I looked at her facebook and saw all these pictures of her and her boyfriend or ex? I wasn't sure at this moment but I didnt say anything. So I asked her if she wanted to meet up for old times sake, about a week later we met up and had starbucks, talked for a few hours and I walked her home. I asked her to txt me that evening when I left.
That night I got a txt saying she had fun and it was great meeting up. We txted everyday and at night talked until the sun came up. Once or twice she talked avout her boyfriend or ex, (still wasn't sure) and she said that she's not with him anymore but he (boyfriend/ex) still loves her and annoys her. I didnt really care. We met up a few more times just to watch a dvd or chill out in my apartment but nothing ever happend until that last time she came over. We just kissed and she said after that it was wierd and after a while she just got the bus home. We talked about what happend and I asked her what she wanted to do. She just asked me what I wanted..I said I like just chilling out, spending time and watching dvds with her and that if she just wants to keep it like that its ok but I also said after that I really like her and that it's up to her. She said the same thing back to me. At the end of the phonecall we came to the conclusion we were going to start something but she wanted to keep it on the DL for the moment, I didn't think anything of that part so I just said ok.

I was pure chuffed :) lol,
Its been 2 weeks since that and all we have done is gone for a few walks and kissed twice, I was pretty bummed with what was going on because I knew there was something she wasn't telling me.
So I decided to find out myself, I heard around that she's still with her boyfriend and that her friends know about me and her but her boyfreind dosent.

That I night I called her as usual about 10 o'clock and asked her whats goin on and that I know, she just said it's complicated and none of her friends know the truth about her old relationship so I believed her.
(I Know im a RETARD)

She said that she would come over to my apartment during the week to watch a dvd or chillout (ahem..mess around....)
Then the next day she called me and asked who I have been telling about us, I didnt know anything so I just kept my mouth shut. (she believed me and everything was ok again)
That night though just laying in my bed I thought about who is spreading lies, I was curious. Next day I asked around and found that yesterday after she rang me she had a huge fight with her boyfriend because he heard from someone about us.
Now im pretty pissed of that she's been lying to me about her whole boyfriend thing but I still wanted her.
We haven't talked that much in the last week and haven't seen eachother either, she txtd me last night and asked how I was.
I really don't have CLUE whats going on, wether we are still meeting or us is finished or whatever we had is finished, but my head is wrecked thinking about her all the time.

WTF shud I do!!?? :(
Asked Apr 28, 2010
Edited Apr 28, 2010

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u clearly are in love right now.
If I were you I would forget about her boyfriend and pursue your feelings, call her and straighten thing out, tell her you want to be in a relationship with her and im sure if she has more feelings for u rather than the other guy shell consider it. just give her time to decide.
Answered May 14, 2010
well its obvious that you love her... A LOT. you should let her know you are confused, talk to her about it. say " yeahh... im totally confused about us and so if you could just point me in the direction that we're going i'll be on my way"
so just be frank with her. no need to hide anything. bring it all out on the table. tell her how you feel about her cheating on you. maybe she thinks that she getting back at you for cheating on her....hmmm... ask her about that too. but seriously tell her how you feel about the whole thing. and if you tell her that you are confused, that could either be the end or the beginning of something.
hope that helps (: good luck (:
Answered Jun 17, 2010

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