(boys answer) what are the signs that a guy likes a girl?

Asked Apr 27, 2010
It depends on the guy. I don't know why everyone's always so shy all the time. If you think this guy likes you, or if you like him, just go ask him if he likes you, or tell you you like him. What's the worst that could possibly happen? Let's say he doesn't like you, well big deal, then you just let him get to know you, and maybe he'll warm up to you. Maybe he still doesn't like you, then you just move on, so what, it wasn't meant to be.
Answered Apr 27, 2010
awz thanks you got good advice
Thank you very much.
it depends on the person. Im the type of person that likes a girl that would sit down and listen to what I would have to say and understamd every bit of it. thats just because im that sort of person. For others IDK! Iv only dated 2 girls though and they didnt last even a month. Im waiting until my education is out of the way first though.
Answered May 02, 2010
Right. Like everyone has said, it really depends on the guy. But if it were me the signs would be that he could text you or try to meet up with you alot, or invite you to activities and just plain always trying to be with you to build a relationship.

Others some show-off to you to impress you by like showing you football skills, or trampoline tricks, making himself try and stand out to you more than anyone els. Make you laugh, (i know sounds weird but...) take the piss out of you in a jokey wayy. (without intending offence atall and pulls a cheeky smile afterwards.)

Some are soooo shy that they can go red when talking to you, talk quietly or not say much at all. Very talkative with friends and when it comes too you he is as quiet as a mouse.

As I and others have said, depends on the guy. Hope this helps and good luck. if it doesn't work out, well his loss and it wasnt ment to be. (:
Answered Jun 18, 2010
-He finds an excuse to talk or be with u
-He (might sound weird but it happened) follow to some places you go
-He talks to you alot
-He hugs you
-He asks you to go to some places
-He Finds some way to touch you
-He finds some way to sit or stand with u ( like number 1)
Answered Dec 04, 2011
If he keeps looking at you with a smile he likes you.
Answered Mar 05, 2013

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