Is it worth to buy organic fruits and vegetables?

Organic fruits and vegetables cost a lot more, are they really worth the price?
Asked Apr 23, 2010

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It really depends on who you ask. I say no because the difference is that organic fruits and vegetables aren't sprayed with pesticides, and the pesticides don't directly affect the nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables they're sprayed on. My grandmother however is apparently slightly allergic to something in the pesticides because if she eats an inorganic fruit or vegetable she starts sneezing uncontrollably. If you buy inorganic, just be sure to wash it thoroughly.
Answered Apr 23, 2010
I would say no. I am a skeptic by nature so I always look into anything that is questionable. If you get the chance go to and look for the podcast on organics. Also, try Penn & Teller. They did an episode also. Both are very eye-opening.
Answered Apr 23, 2010
I wish to inform you that all Organic Produce, when grown as Mother Nature intended...Will produce the Highest Quality product in terms of Taste & Nutritional Value.
Modern day farmed products are totally unhealthy with the use of Chemicals,
that penetrate direct into the membrane ( fibers ) of the Fruit, Vegetable, Cereals etc...So, when one consumes these tainted items, there will certainly be a build up of Toxins within the internal organs ( liver, kidney, spleen, colon, pancreas ) etc, etc overtime, everything is filtered through out the body & delivered direct to the cells at lighting our blood...Clean food leads to a Healthy Body.
Usually Certified Organic Produce has been Grown in 100% Nutrient rich,
wholesome soil & thus you can rest assure that your consuming the real deal, made with Love...for us humans to enjoy.
If the general Public cryed out & demanded Organic Produce only & rejected all
Chemically farmed ( GMO ) products, then the cost of Organics would ultimately be reduced from the current levels to more affordable & demand $ $ $...remember it's your choice. You are what you Eat.
Let food be your medicine & medicine be your food. Health is Wealth.
Man doesn't die he kills himself with toxic overload...poison...the truth.
Answered Apr 25, 2010
Edited Apr 25, 2010
Wow, I think this is the number one most biased answer I've ever read on this site, impressive.
if you're not able to pay for that fancy, Organic food delivery products like apple, a fear of pesticides shouldn't be a barrier to consuming lots of nutritious produce. “Eating fruits and vegetables is good for health, whether organic or not.
Answered Oct 21, 2017

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