Why do I overheat, get flushed, and sweat from the neck up with little excercise?

When working in yard, physical activity at work, or even being in sun for short periods of time, my face gets flushed, red, and I perspire profusely mostly just from the neck up. My hair (expecially on back of head and forhead) gets soaked from sweat. I can rarely do any physical activity without carrying towel to dry off face and neck. When doing these same activities with others, they dont experience these symptoms. Sometimes, especially after being outside in sun, I have to stand under cool shower to lower my body temp and sometimes, it even takes 30 minutes or more to cool off. You can even feel the heat radiating from my head. I keep my house cool in the winter and summer which is uncomfortable to others. My family and I believe I may have a medical condition, but dont even know what type od physician to seek for help!! I hope I am not alone in this. Sometimes I just have to lay down with ice pack behind neck to feel better as I actually feel ill from the heat
Asked Apr 22, 2010

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I overheat easily too in the last 6months or so.... it could be a thyroid problem....Ive also had chest pains and am having tests for that too... Ive been told that if ur body over heats it is due to the thyroid gland... so keep that in mind....we shouldn't sweat profusely doing such minimal tasks... bottom line...if is unusual behaviour for you.....seek advice from ur doctor....
Answered Oct 29, 2011

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Answered Jul 02, 2014

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