How long should you leave products listed on eBay before giving up on selling them?

Doesn't your investment become a loss at some point? How long should you list stuff before deciding nobody wants it?
Asked Apr 20, 2010
I have not used eBay, but simply put: If they charge you a fee just to place your items as "For Sale" on their site, then it's simply a matter of figuring out how much greater your Asking Price is.

For example, if eBay charges you $0.50 per week for allowing you to sell a particular item online, and you are selling the item for $10.00, you have 20 weeks before you will have paid £10.00 in fees (10.00 / 0.50) - thereby losing all potential profit. This is your deadline.

Obviously, you could then choose to increase your Asking Price, but if the item hasn't sold in an exorbitantly long period of time, then it is unlikely it will somehow sell for an even higher price, meaning you should stop posting it and try to sell it through some other means (such as a garage sale).

A simple way to think of it is this: Decide how much money you want to have in your pocket for selling the item (say you want $10.00 in pocket). Now just take that £10.00 and add any fees - such as if there are any eBay fees - (say $0.50). So you should sell the item for $10.50 in order to have made a net gain of $10.00.

Remember to always do your market research on any item you sell online. For example, you bought your couch for $400 and feel it is still worth at least $300... but if you can find exact same or similar-quality couches online for $200, then you may be wasting your time asking for a higher price.

As a last note: If eBay does not charge you anything for posting the item to their site, then you can obviously continue to post it online almost indefinitely. The limit to this would be a reasonable lifetime of the object. For example, a wooden chair could be sold years and years after it was made, but an apple could not.

I know the question was asked in 2010... but for some reason no one ever answered it.
Answered Jan 07, 2013
Edited Jan 07, 2013
I would leave something up for maybe a month or two. If it didn't sell I'd take it down and then put it up again after a little waiting. It seemed to work for me.
Answered Dec 17, 2013

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