Is the sentence below grammatically correct?

Dear Sirs,
I am writing a poem, and I want to know if the sentence below is grammatically correct or not. Especially the second line.

Whenever the wind blows
what I did bury; once again expose

Thank you in advance for your help.
Asked Apr 16, 2010
Edited Apr 16, 2010
The ; should be a ,

Otherwise, it's correct, if you mean to say "you should expose what I once buried" - otherwise try "what I did bury is once again exposed".
Answered Apr 16, 2010
Well mechanically speaking, it's improper usage of a semicolon, however, in poetry, semicolons are often used to signify a longer pause than a comma, regardless of the context. So basically, the semicolon is okay as is.
Well, yes and no.

No: It would be, "What I did bury is once again exposed." It's not grammatically correct because it's missing is (and you need to make exposed past tense, just put a d on there, because, "what I did bury" is past tense).

Yes: Being a poem, it's okay to cheat with grammar a little. Poems don't always have to have perfect grammar, and as far as a poem goes, it's fine (just don't forget to make expose exposed).
Answered Apr 16, 2010

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