How big is a football field in acres?

I mean American Football...
Asked Apr 09, 2010
Edited Apr 09, 2010
1 acre = 43,560 sq. feet
120 times 3 = 360
53 times 3 = 159 plus 1 = 160
360 times 160 = 57,600 sq. feet
I would like to point out that being a measurement of area, not length, an acre can be any shape, it doesn't have to be a square, or even a rectangle, it can be a triangle, circle, trapezoid, etc... So now all we simply must do is divide 57,600 by 43,560 to get 1.322314049586777, so a football field is roughly 1 and a third acres.
Answered Apr 09, 2010
Length: 120 yards.
Width: 53 1/3 yards.
Answered Apr 09, 2010
hi.....hi......An acre is a unit used for land area, and traditionally for agriculture. It covers an area about the size of a square with 70 yards on a side, which is about 20 percent smaller than the standard football field. The more precise measure in feet per side is 208.71.
Answered Feb 27, 2014

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