Why does my jaw pop when I eat and my ears hurt

i noticed my ears were hurting and when I eat my jaw will pop with everytime I chew and it almost locks up
Asked Apr 07, 2010

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I used to get this all the time, it drove me nuts. It's caused by an excess of pressure in your jaw, causing the tissue in the joint in your jaw to move out of place, thus the popping is the joint moving on and off the tissue. It stopped for me when I got my wisdom teeth removed, for me the excess pressure was because one of my wisdom teeth was completely sideways (literally 90 degree angle) and it was screwing my jaw up bad, but now my jaw's all better. If you've already had your wisdom teeth removed and you're still getting this, you should get surgery to fix it. There is a correctional surgery for such a thing, and you would have to get it some day anyways, so the sooner the better (just to get it out of the way). The reason your ears hurt is because the pressure in your jaw is putting pressure on the joint in your jaw, which is right next to your ear, so it's putting pressure in your ears. I know exactly how much this sucks, I totally know your pain.
Answered Apr 07, 2010

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