I like this girl but im not sure what to do

2 month's ago I met this girl up the road and got her number of one of her freinds so I texted her and we texted for about two weeks I eventualy got the courage to ask her to meet up she said yea but anytime I ask for a certain day she says she is busy. so one day I asked her again I got pissed of because I asked her countless times before and she said shes was busy she always says she wants to meet up but we never do so I said if you dont wanna meet up you should say, then she said I do but I dont know why you wanna meet up so much. then I said because I like you. she said im sorry I just only realised how unfair this is on you but im not sure if I like you in the same way back. then we stopped texting for a while and I was so depressed because I really like her and can talk to her about anything so I texted her one day saying sorry id rather be mates with you rather than not know you at all then she said yes because im really sweet and nice to her she dont wanna stop talking to me. Although I have said to her I will always like her more than a mate because I think she is one in a million,

so now we are pretty close freinds. but im not sure because a few nights ago she asked me about my sex life which I thought was not the sorta question you ask a freind but I answered her because we can talk to eachother about anything. also last night I said to her thank you about being so nice to me about how I feel and about you and not blocking me out. then she replied it ok plus im not sure wheather I like you as a freind or more than a freind. ever scine that ive had no idea what to do like to just keep talking to her and see were it goes or ask her to meet up but I dont wanna push her away
Asked Apr 01, 2010
Edited Apr 02, 2010
Well im in a similar situation vept it seems shes blocking me out...anyways dont be too pushy just wait and stay friends and look out for hints she is obviously still deciding from what u said so jus keep doing what youre doing and let her have some space to decide w/o alot of pressure. Ask her to hang out but dont put anything more behind it than jus two friends hanging out.
Answered Apr 16, 2010
As soon as you forget about it she will come to you, and not a second sooner.If there is a real chance (minus manipulation) It just the harsh truth of it all.
Answered Apr 17, 2010
I'm with songchaser, give this girl some space. We've all been in a situation similar to this and from experience I know that if you suddenly appear disinterested in her she will want what she can't have. It's similar to little kids, if you tell them they can't have something, it becomes the only thing they want.
Try this approach, don't totally shun her but hang out a bit less, try to be a bit colder to her....
It is hard to do but girls always chase the guys that aren't obsessed with them, so hanging out as friends all the time is hindering your chances for her to like you as more than a friend....

As an added note if all this fails, my suggestion is to be completely up front with her, tell her how you feel, tell her that it is killing you that your only her friend. This shows courage and maturity and if worst comes to worst there are more fish in the sea.

Cheers Mate
Answered Apr 17, 2010
tax her in same time everynight, for exsample tax her good night everynght at 10 o clock,for a few weeks,then she get use to it,and after a few weeks tax her at 10;15 because it makes her think about u for 15 minits,then be litile more late next nght then more late the night after,keep doing this untill u get 11;00 o clock ,in two weeks u made her to think about u 200 minits,if someone think about u that much its mean she cares about u,then stop taxing her,untill she asks u what happen,then tell her that u did not want to distrub her anymore,if she says no its ok,its always nice to here from u,its mean she get use to u and she likes u,ask her out agen and see what happen,hope u underestand my english writing,becase my english its not very good,good luck
Answered Sep 28, 2010
Well firstly I would say she's probably shy as you've met her from a street. Girls need time and trust I know about it because I'm one so just give her time and stop pestering her about you love her ok just let things happen and act like her friend and when she's got problems try to be the only one to help her and support her and you will stand out. Listen to everything she says and try to SHOW INTEREST. Things will happen just let them happen.

Answered Jan 14, 2011

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