Signs a boy likes you.

I really want to no if this boy likes me but hes different from every1 else ( the good way) so he has different signs showing he likes me and I think I like him 2...pls help!
Asked Mar 29, 2010
If he looks at u often or tries to get next to u a lot
Kcbwolf Sep 09, 2013
i would answer but I would need to know more about how he shows that he likes you
Answered Apr 01, 2010
if u and him start into each others eyes! <3 <3
Answered Mar 17, 2011
You should talk to him and ask if he likes you. I know that this easier said than done but I think that it would help a little to get to know him more if you dont already. You can see for sure if you really like him or if it was just a little phase you went through. Good luck! :)
Answered May 23, 2011
you should just be blunt and ask him the next time you see him
Answered Dec 22, 2011
being blunt never works. it usually scares them off. trust me I have experience. you should get talking to them. I know this sounds stupid but I usually count how many times a guy says my name to know if they like me. This guy kept calling my name and saying something to me... this other guy just said things, not my name. And also count the amount of times they high-five you, hug you, smile at you etc. count up all the little things and compare them to other guys...
hearing my crush say my name literally lightens up my day (:
Answered Sep 27, 2012
If he likes you he will talk you as much as he possibly can, he will try to be around you as much as he can also. he will make any excuse to touch you, even if its just when he walks past you and nudges you. If he plays about with you and makes jokes that arent to harsh this also shows he likes you. good luck:)
Answered Apr 15, 2015

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