Can I impress a girl?

i am a fat boy I want to imress a girl? till I have no girlfriend as well as any friend no girl talk with me. I love one girl but she neglect me every time. what can I do I doesn't understant any think plz help me?
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Asked Mar 24, 2010
Edited Mar 24, 2010
even with men who are attractive..
most all women want what they cannot have and are attracted to those who show a slight disinterest as well.
In other words.. let them come to you because they are comfortable and not threatened by your desire.

never corner them mentally or physically.. let them feel at ease and trust you.
they are fraidy cats in general. so go slow

you cannot force love or interest..
it has to be there..

you can however get a woman curious by having or doing things that are different, progressive , interesting or unique.. this also has to be normal not on the bizarre side.

Making money always impresses women as they like security or to feel secure.
But I imagine too that you want a woman to like you for you.. and not your money. it cannot buy true love..

my advice if I had to do it over again...
is to be yourself .. trust yourself.. and believe that you are worth it.
and love will find you...
you do not need to chase it.. but one day you will find it next to you walking in the same direction.

As for your heart aching...
use this as a tool to make your feelings deeper and your sensitivity towards other richer...
it can make you a wonderful soul if you do not give up but find a way to be enriched by the pain..
become stronger by it..
become the rock that they want to feel secure resting on- women like strong sensitive men.. strong of heart and mind.

(trust me on this.. all people have heart aches.. it is normal.. but in different degrees)

life too is timing... so be ready and open for what God gives you...
and never give up hope.. your day will come !!
Answered Mar 24, 2010
Edited Mar 24, 2010
e1 I m fat I want sm1 who cares fr me contct me if u wnt dear my name is khushi
Hi khushi
Answered Jan 29, 2013
The truth is.. some girls just aren't into big guys. But you can't call this girl shallow because guys are the same. Guys are always catagorizing girls to preference (thick, thin, boobs, ass, hair) like you, girls do the same.

And I can tell how genuinly concerned yoh are about your situation. Though I will tell you nothing is wrong. You seem like a sweet guy. There will be a girl that likes you for being you.

if not.. do what my friend did. He was extremely obese since elementary.. after about 2 years of dieting, weight training, and dedication. He now gets almost every girl... also, all the girls that ignored him in the past now all talk to him... (he's stupid for talking to them but.. w.e)

Be confident, be youself.

If your not confident now.. change to the ideal you want to be. Therr is never a barrier or an excuse.. its about will and restraint.

Good luck
Answered Mar 20, 2014

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