Waxing - less regrowth?

I heard that waxing eventually leads to less regrowth. Is this true? (experience only, please, not just what you've heard!)
Asked Mar 19, 2010
Well I don't know about that, but I do know this, if you get electrolysis (it's a method of hair removal that involves sending a small amount of electricity to the root of the hair), after just a couple of times you can stop hair growth completely.
I've heard this is really painful? Also probably costly + time consuming?
Well I haven't had it done, but I would assume it'd be less painful than waxing, because the electricity would have more of a numbing effect, in theory at least. As for cost, I guess it would cost a lot, not sure if it's worth getting your own or having it done professionally. I mean if you got your own you could do it yourself, but after several times the hair growth stops, so then you're out the money you spent on the device, not to mention if you have it done professionally, whoever you're paying to do it knows what they're doing, but I mean think about how much you'd have to get paid to pluck hairs off of people with electric tweezers. Time consuming? Well it takes longer than waxing, but not a ton of time, I mean it's not done one hair at a time, it's done in little clumps, but you don't have to wait for wax to heat up, then apply it, then cool, then peel, it's just one step.
The wax I use doesn't have to heat up, it's already on strips you just rub it a bit & it goes soft enough to use. Takes absolute max 10 minutes!
Well I've not used either method, but I know how they work, and I know there are waxes that don't have to be heated up, but it's just an example. Point is, electrolysis, you plug it in, and then start yanking hairs out, it's pretty quick.
Waxing decreases the hair growth of the regarding region where it is being applied. Hair regrowth can be decreased by removing the roots of the hair of skin. It can be felt after waxing the region properly after time to time.
Answered Oct 17, 2019

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