Can a girl get pregnanat if she has not popped her cherry&has not had sex&has a irregular period?

My boyfriend got sperm on his hand.. then about an hour and a half later he fingered me. there was no visible sperm.. but could I get pregnat? this happened three days ago, but I havent gotten my period for two months or so and I am still a virgin. Could I be pregnat? what are my chances?
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Mar 15, 2010
Well I suppose it's possible, but I'd imagine in that amount of time of being exposed to the air the sperm would have died by then. As for your period, well you might want to get a pregnancy test just to be sure. And about you still being a virgin, well it depends on who you ask. Different people have different definitions of virginity. I personally consider penetration to be losing of virginity, so I say you're no longer a virgin. That's just me though.
Answered Mar 16, 2010

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