Where do doctors look to find my medical records?

I saw a new MD after my MD died and hewas rude so I saw another MD and he was a quack then I saw another MD and he said I was seeing too many doctors..I'm on medicare and wonder where they go to see my history. Thanks
Asked Mar 12, 2010
There's a master server that stores everyones medical history. I believe it's at the Pentagon. Anyways, when you go see a doctor, they type your information into a computer, it accesses your file on the server, and they update it for your current visit. Then when you go see another doctor, and they do the same, they see all the information up to that point, and add onto it. It continues to update as such. Most offices still keep physical records, but that's only in addition to your online file. And by online, I don't mean publicly on the internet. You cannot access it.
Answered Mar 12, 2010

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